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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hafizah's turns 2 today!

Hafizah turned 2 today! My baby's not a baby anymore. (nak baby lg tapi tak nak skrg sbb tak larat nak jaga. huhu). We celebrated her birthday at home as there'll be another celebration at the playcentre on Thursday. She will be celebrating her birthday with her "twin", Jasmine. (saja nak buat kat situ sbb nak kenalkan pd kiwis pulut kuning. plan nak masak pulut kuning nanti). I baked apple cake for her. I used butter icing on top. Then, I sprinkled dessicated coconut. Fathini, my eldest daughter, helped me to arrange chocolate chips at the sides. She also helped to arrange some apricots on top. At first, I wanted to decorated the top of the cake with some icing flowers but then the icing was looked too sloppy. So, I just managed to write no 2 in the middle. (susahla sbb aku bukannya pakar sgt dlm buat aising ni. kena berguru lg la nampaknya).

We waited for my hubby to come home. But, my daughters especially Hafizah couldn't wait any longer. By 6 p.m., we had a little celebration. My sis-in-law helped to take picture of us and joined in too. We sang for the birthday girl and she looked a little bit blurry. (rasanya dia tak faham sgt pasal b'day ni. Yg dia tahu nak makan kek). I helped to cut the cake and we enjoyed eating the cake. I remembered that last year, two days after we celebrated Hafizah's birthday, I lost my mum. Time really flies as today, she has turned 2 and two days from today will mark a year after my mum's death. :(
Life has to go on and I know that my other siblings too can feel what I feel. be continued with the celebration in the playcentre. tunggggu.....

1 comment:

yatie chomeyl said...

hepi 2nd birthday dear luvly fizah. sorry that I cant give u any present on ur bday but I wanted u to know that Cik ti, Ayah Lah & baby nazhan wishes u the best in ur lfie with ur family.

~ lots of love from Japan~