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Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby talk.


She has started to make some noises. Most of the time, it's as if she is trying to say something to us. Her cooing is a melodious tune to my ears. Talking to her has become my passion surpass the other passion now. She makes me happy and when I use her language (sort of baby talk), she will become so excited.

Each and every noise is easy to be interpreted because I know the different sound for feeding time, changing nappy time, sleepy time or just the happy hour. Even her elder sisters know what she wants as she has the same routine that we have kind of set up for her.

Maybe after she is older, we would try the baby signing method. On that note, I have to ask the expert like a blogger friend that I know who is so passionate about this. For those who wants to know about her Natural approaches, why don't you visit here.

Do you still remember how did you communicate to your baby?



ICA said...

Nur...geram tengok her cubby cheeks... mmg comel :D

transformed housewife said...

dah 5 kg. Tu yg tembam tu.