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Friday, November 16, 2012

A quick visit to see baby Muhammad.


Have you ever made any decision to go somewhere without a proper planning? What happened then? Was your journey a smooth one?

Two days ago, we decided to go to Balok, Pahang to visit my brother and his wife who just delivered a newborn baby boy. We decided to go there only at 10 a.m. and by 11, we went out. I didn't pack that much since we it was only a day trip. Normally we would stay for few days there but this time we didn't want to bother my brother that much. We had our lunch in the rest stop area at Temerloh before we arrived at our destination by 3 p.m.

My brother and his wife were so happy to see us even though they both looked so tired. Their elder daughter was also happy to see her cousins even though she was a bit shy at first. My brother went out to buy some food like fried bananas for us even after I told him not to.

Here are some photos of us at his in-laws house:

Husna was so excited and there were many times she tried to touch the newborn baby. She made so much noise. Luckily the baby was not disturbed by Husna's noise. The baby is her second cousin who is born in the same year. By next year, I bet they are going to run around need to be carefully watched.

Fathini and Hafizah were busy playing with Hana (the elder sister for the baby). Hana was the boss when Fathini and Hafizah took turn to push her on her rider.

By 5.30  after my daughters took a bath, we had to leave the house and went back to KJ. Fathini and Hafizah wanted to stay but we told them that we would spend the night some other time. Before we left, I took a photo with baby Muhammad. (supposedly the baby will have another name after Muhammad but my brother didn't want to reveal yet). I secretly prayed that one day I will have a baby boy too when I held my nephew.


Oyis said...

insya Allah kak... klo ikut gmbr pangku baby muhammad tu mmg perfect dah tu :)

transformed housewife said...

Oyis: terima kasih sbb doakan.