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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No concert for Hafizah this year.


At the end of school term most kindergarten will organize a concert & graduation for their students. Reading some of the other blogs where they shared the sweet moments of their kids during their concert, has made me feeling sad for Hafizah. She's 5 and she was supposed to have a concert too if her kindy didn't have problems. I can't really share what really happened to Hafizah's kindy. All I can tell is they have to close the kindy due to financial restraints since October. We decided not to send her to other kindergarten because there were only about 5 weeks left for schooling days this year. So, I stayed at home teaching her by using lots of books. Yes, I haven't gone back to work since I gave birth to Husna.

Teaching your own kid is really different from teaching other people's kids. Sometimes I find it so hard to use the reinforcement and become so firm with your kid. Maybe it's just me. I can be quite lenient when it comes to my kids. My hubby is firmer in teaching our kids.

Ok, getting back to the topic, I'm sharing this because I reckon a concert is a good way to promote self-confidence in kids. They will feel proud to be able to present something and showcase their hidden talents to their parents and others. That's why I reckon most kindergarten like to organize this event as a yearly event.

Hopefully next year, she'll be able to graduate as she's going to 6 years old and finishing her kindergarten's level.


Syida said...

alaaaa....pity hafizah. takpe next year pergi school lain, bole ada concert.

Izan Ishak said...

takpelah..insyaAllah next year kalau ada rezeki utk hafizah join concert...

izan pun sama kak.. kalau tiba bab nak ajar anak sendiri mcm kurang sabar je. hmmm... tu yg tak best tu~

Puan Kutu said...

Insyaallah taun depan ada lg..anak sy aiamn 5tahun pun belum graduate,tahun depan jugak gamaknya..selamat buat hafizah..:)

Ummu Thahirah said...

Salam Ukhwah.. I have to say the same too, its pretty difficult to teach your own child, its so much easier to give in ^^ i think preparing a fun way to learn helps a lot.. they will want to do what their suppose to do by themselves.. now for that creative idea of teaching.. :)