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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nothing special for our Anniversary.


Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary and also my hubby's birthday. We didn't celebrate it. WHY? Right now we are still busy with our biggest project this year. This project is not an easy project and it requires a lot of money, energy, time and our focus.

In Shaa Allah when everything is ready, our special project is going to be the perfect present for our anniversary this year. Hopefully we can do our best to realizing our dream.

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Do you always have something special?


Masherna Mustafa said...


happy anniversary to both of you... 9 wonderful years yea... semoga Allah memberkati rumah tangga dunia dan akhirat.

usually saya tak lah celebrate anniversary gah2 sangat. biasanya keluar dinner kat tempat2 best sikit. but since dah ada anak2, tak lagi dinner berdua. sbb kami ni rezeki anak lambat, so the 1st 6 years mmg rajin la keluar beranniversary berdua. sekarang dinner ngan anak2 je... lebih banyak layan depa...

Eliss Mie said...

Happy 9th anniversary :) beli rumah baru ker?

transformed housewife said...

Masherna: maybe hr ni baru nak keluar mkn kot.

transformed housewife said...

Eliss: projek kena rahsia dulu. nanti Knur akan umumkan bila dah siap. hehe