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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Candy Crush Saga: New Addiction.

I used to be addicted to some games like Cafe World and Farm Ville on FB. But that was about 2 years ago. Now I don't really want to waste my time by playing any games because I have other better things to do. Plus when you are addicted to something, you tend to think about it and will always try to find time for it  even though you still have to do other important jobs.

The latest craze of online game is the Candy Crush Saga. If you don't know or never heard about it, you are safe. hehe. It's better not to be addicted to another, I would say lame game.Here is what I found from WIKIPEDIA:

Candy Crush Saga is a video game for smartphones and Facebook that was released on November 14, 2012.[1] It was developed by As of March 2013, "Candy Crush Saga" surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, with 45.6 million average monthly users.[2][3] It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.
 The game is a variation of "match three" games such as Bejeweled. Each level has a different shaped grid filled with candies of three to six different colors and sometimes obstacles. The basic move of the game consists of swapping two candies' positions to align sets of three of the same color, whereupon they disappear, causing candies above them to collapse into the space left behind, often resulting in chain reactions. Moves and alignments must be horizontal/vertical. The level's objectives must be met before the player runs out of moves (or time on timed levels); in each case, the player must earn enough points to get the first star (out of 3) in the scoring system.

Some of my family members (my sister in-laws) have invited me to play this game but I've choose to decline the sweet offer. They seems to have something in common when they have a chat about the game during my MIL's birthday celebration. That's actually when I came to know about this game!

I think I better fill up my free time by paying attention to my daughters especially Husna who is 11 months old and has learn to stand on her own. Soon she'll learn to walk and run! Based on the previous experience of my own addiction to Cafe World & Farm Ville games on FB, I know now to avoid from any kind of games that will make me glued to the computer.

How many of you are addicted to Candy Crush Saga game?


yatie chomeyl said...

me too. xsey doh addicted dgn game ni..nk catching up dgn other social media e.g twitter, FB, instagram, keek pun xdop maso sgt la plok nk main game.nti tgk2 x kabar anok buleh jale doh huhuhu

transformed housewife said...

memey tak dop pekdoh pung main games.

Nia said...

syok jugak candy crush kak, saya sampai berebut dgn Madihah..hehe

Izan Ishak said...

akak, mmg betul pun kalau dah mengadap game ni satu keje pun tak jadi kan.... eh... tp izan ada juga main ni. smpi level berapa terus terkandas smpai skrg.