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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Don't tell me to top up with FM!

Last Monday, I had to bring Husna to UMMC for the appointment in Pediatric Clinic. It's just a follow up appointment after Husna was warded for 3 days because of Pneumonia . Alhamdulillah the chest x-ray showed that there's nothing wrong with Husna. She's perfectly fine now. The doctor was concern more about her weight now as according to her she is slightly under weight. She asked about Husna's diet and also her other progresses. Since Husna is 11 months old now, she should be more than 7 kg. But Husna is only 6.6 kg. The difference is only 0.4 kg and the doctor asked me to consider topping up EBM (Expressed Breast Milk) with FM (Formula Milk)! I was not happy hearing the suggestion as I want to BF and give the EBM until Husna is 2 without topping it up with FM.

When I came back, I discussed with my husband and we also asked my MIL's opinion. My MIL told us not to worry so much about Husna's weight as she's so active and she eats well. Soon she's ll gain some more weight but she doesn't need to be so chubby if that's what doctors and nurses want to see. I'm so baffled up with nurses and doctors who can't really see the connection between the petite baby and her skinny mummy (yes now I'm quite skinny with 50 kg and my height is about 162 cm).

Has anyone experienced being told to top up your Breast Milk with Formula Milk?


Izan Ishak said...

salam kak nur..

sbnrnya kan izan dah termakan kata2 nurse kat KK yg suruh topup FM masa zayyan kena jaundice lebih 2 minggu sblm ni. katanya susu ibu je tak cukup sbb tu kuning anak lmbt turun katanya.

sedih mmg sedih tapi izan dah nekad terus stopkan FM bila zayyan dah ok. alhamdulillah... sampai skrg masih fully bf. harap2 dpt juga susukan dia sampai usianya 2 thn nnti.

adam dan hawa said...

saya pernah dgr nurse cakap macam ni....tapi saya tak pernah ikut...kadang heran..mcm mane dia org bleh suggestkan mcm ni..sedangkan dalam masa yang sama nak tinggikan kesedaran mengenai BF...

yatie chomeyl said...

as lon as she's active and as long as your milk production is enough to keep up with her demand, there's nothing to worry about.

xsbr nk jupo husna, fizah & tini next week :)

Eliss Mie said...

kat demc hr tu, nayla kecik sgt, dia nak bagi satu ubat utk high kan calory susu ibu ,utk naikkan berat nayla tapi kena x leh direct feeding, kena pam utk kesan ubat tu.