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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teacher's Day: First experience as a kindy teacher.

Happy Teacher's Day to all my ex-teachers. I know it sound so cliche' when everybody wishes Happy Teacher's Day on FB today but as long as they sincerely want to send the wish to show appreciation, there's nothing wrong with that. It only gets out of hand when some teachers tarnish the profession by asking and demanding certain kinds of gifts from their students. Parents who feel so obliged to their children's wish would feel uneasy when they have to spend extra just to make their children feel happy. 

I myself is a teacher who was trained to teach secondary school students. I taught in Maahad Muhammadi (P) in Kota Bharu, Kelantan for 3 months during my practicum. After I graduated, I taught university students in Engineering Campus USM in Nibong Tebal for 5+ years. in 2006, I moved to KL and taught in ELS, KL. Now, I'm teaching in my own kindy near to where I live.

There are also so many of family members who are teachers including my late mom. So, teaching profession is considered apart of our life. I grew up hearing so much about teachers' life. Yet, I still choose to be a teacher.

My first experience as a kindy teacher today?

It was a fairly simple celebration. I bought an orange butter cake for the teachers and the children. We shared the cake during their break time and then some students gave us some presents like a mug for each teacher, brooches and chocolate. I never expect anything from the students and just felt happy to have another kind of experience as a teacher!

Happy Teacher's Day to all of the teachers out there. Let's give more to our students without expecting them to give us anything back in return.


Ummi Hanie said...

happy belated teacher's day knur ;)

rasanya lebih enjoy jadi kindy teacher, rite ? ;)

Eliss Mie said...

mesti seronok ajar budak2 kecik2 tu tapi saya jenis tak sabar sebenarnya :p selamat hr guru :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

selamat hari guru kak nur! (versi lambat..hihi..)

p/s: nadiah kurang sabar untuk menjadi seoarang guru. tabik pada semua yang bergelar guru!