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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Challenges during the fasting month.

We (Muslims all over the world), are still fasting as it is still the month of Ramadhan. For other people from other beliefs, they sometimes have little or zero knowledge about the true concept of fasting. It is our responsibilities as Mulims to explain about Ramadhan, fasting and the related things. We are facing with so many challenges everyday but during Ramadhan the challenges are somehow became more and more challenging.

I personally reckon that we always try to behave like a good muslim especially during Ramadhan. However, there's always some problems that we face. Here are some of my own challenges during Ramadhan:

  1. It's hard to be patient.
    (I always lose my temper when my daughters become so naughty especially when I am so exhausted)
  2. It's hard to show to others that fasting is not tiring.(When I'm on duty at Peachgrove Playcentre, there are heaps of things to do and at the end if clean-up I always feel exhausted)
  3. It's hard to be careful with what we see, hear and say.(Sometimes we do things spontaneously without realizing they are forbidden, like bad mouthing. right?)
  4. It's hard to be moderate in cooking and eating when we break our fast. (We always craving for special food and we tend to prepare or cook more than what we can eat)
Those are the challenges that I can think of. There are maybe more but I can't really put the challenges into words. (not sure how to describe the challenges. hmmm). I'm not going to give any suggestions on how to face the challenges as I myself are struggling to find the best ways to face the challenges. Maybe those who read this can give me some suggestions. Who knows you might have similar challenges.

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