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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I broke my own record!

Everybody seems in the mood of celebrating Eid as there's another 2 or 3 days left before 1st of Syawal. I just want to share what I've been doing for the past two weeks. If you read my previous posts, you'll know that I've been busy making raya cookies. This year , I've broke my own record as I made about 2000 cookies! (buat sorang2 pulak tu). I used about 6 kg (maybe more) of flour, 5 or 6 kg of butter, 3-4 packets of dessert almonds, 9 cans of pineapples, 500 g of peanuts, 2 kg of cornflakes, 600 g of chocolate chips and heaps of eggs. I never thought that I could finished all the cookies on time. My customers a.k.a my friends here in Hamilton, NZ seem happy when they get their cookies. My friends in Peachgrove Playcentre said they haven't seen me for ages. Well, I've been neglecting my job there when I was busy with my raya cookies. Luckily there's only one week to go before the school holiday. Yeayy..... Here are some photos of my stacking cookies.
The stacking container of cookies.

Honey cornflakes(there were only 2 orders)

Peanut cookies (my hubby wants this)

Chocolate chip cookies. (I changed the recipe)

My sister, Yatie is now in Kelantan, Malaysia. She'll be celebrating raya with my father and my other siblings. This is going to be the third year for me celebrating Eid here in Hamilton, New Zealand. Last year, after my mum died, my siblings were not really celebrating Eid as they were still mourning. This year, my sister once again has to prepare some dish for my siblings with the help of my aunts. Next year, hopefully I can join them to celebrate Eid together and prepare special dish for them. InsyaAllah.

I want to wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak or in my language, Selamat Hari Raya. Please forgive me for any wrong doings. Let's be thankful for being able to face the challenges during Ramadhan. Syawal is a month of celebrating our victory. Let's celebrate it in moderation.

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