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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celebrating Eid in Hamilton, NZ -part 2

The first weekend after Eid, we went to celebrate it here and there. On Saturday , 26 Sept. 2009, we were invited to have "Nasi Lemak" at K. Linda's house. Her Nasi Lemak was delicious with variety of sambals(hot sauces). There were sambal ikan bilis(anchovies sauce), sambal sotong(squids sauce), fried achovies, fried salted fish and hard-boiled eggs. After we went to her house, I asked my hubby to drive to Peachgrove Playcentre as I had to pick up two boxes of toys that need to be washed. It's clean-up time after each term ends. I didn't go on Friday night and on Saturday I had to visit my friends' houses.

Here is K.Linda and family:

When we came back home, I had to rush to decorate my SIL's birthday cake. It was her birthday and I reckoned it was a good idea to bring the cake to WUMA's (Waikato University Malaysian Association) Eid gathering in the afternoon. I made her a sour cream, coffee cake with walnut streusel on top.

We went to there at about 12 and there were already heaps of people. The main dish was "Nasi Minyak" (a savoury rice) with "Ayam Masak Merah"(Hot and spicy chicken), "Dalca"(vegetables in coconut milk soup-it's might own translation!haha). Again the dishes were yummy but I had started to feel uneasy especially in my throat. Plus I had a mild cold. (actually I'm still suffering from cold!). We took some photos there with our friends. First, we took photos of our children. It was hard to ask them to stand still and some little ones even cried or ran away.

Then, all the ladies who were there at the moment took the opportunity to take a photo together.

Next, the gentlemen except my hubby who refused to join. (mmg dia tak suka bergambar sgt)
However, I don't have the photo. huhu

After that gathering, we went back to perform our Zohor prayer before we set off to Rototuna. Dr. Nik & Dr. Pica invited all to their house for another Eid gathering. There were heaps of food and we stayed there for about 2 hours. There were "murtabak"(a kind of fried bread with meat stuffing), kebabs, cakes, noodles, rice, fish, BBQ chicken and lots more. Their house was lovely and they have a nice backyard too! Rototuna is a new place and the houses there are better compared to houses we have in Hillcrest or the area near Waikato University. Well, maybe because both of them are doctors, they can afford to have that kind of house too. They pay $400 per week for the rent and the house is a fully-furnished house. Hmmm I was impressed with the house because if possible, I would like to own a house similar to that one day. InsyaAllah. Here are some photos of us there:

Our photo with Dr. Nik & Dr. Pica

All right, I need to continue this entry next time as I'm going to take a bath now. (hehe busyuk tak mandi lg dan nak sbhyg zuhur). Until next time, Ka Ki Te Ano.

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