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Friday, September 4, 2009

So much to do!

I've been somehow neglecting my blog due to my commitments with something else. If you have read my entries before, this year I decided to take some orders for raya cookies. I received heaps of orders and now I'm quite busy making and baking the cookies. Most of my customers prefer Pineapple tarts. There's about 500 Pineapple tarts that I have to made. I have been able to make about 250 and there's another half. Only some who are interested in London Almond cookies. While for the other types; Chocolate Chip cookies there's about one order = 50 pcs and Honey Joys Cornflakes = 50 pcs. Right, I have to take a rest now as tomorrow I have to help my friend preparing Chicken Rice for the Breaking the Fast Feast at her place.

Ka Ki Te Ano.

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