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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm an amateur cook.

When I was small, I hate it whenever my late mum asked me to help her in the kitchen. I felt uncomfortable when my late mum instructed me to do this and that. But now, how I wish I have had listened to her instructions and got so much cooking tips from her. I remembered my late mum told my mum-in-law that I was not good in cooking! Luckily my mum-in-law didn't really mind.

Since I came here(Hamilton, NZ), I have had to try so many recipes and practiced my cooking skills. I know I still have to learn a lot in sharpening my cooking skills. When we can't really buy other halal food from outside, we are forced to prepare the food that we want to eat. One of the big problems here is to find the ingredients. Most of the time, we have to be creative by replacing some ingredients with other ingredients.

Yesterday, I helped my friend to prepare Chicken Rice. The problem was, I was not so familiar with long grain rice. The rice was somehow felt a bit uncooked. I had to use 3 different rice cookers and even the colour of the rice was so different. Well, I had tried my best, but it was unfortunate that the rice turned out like that. I had gained some experiences from there and it won't stop me from cooking or trying and trying until I become good in cooking. It is always not too late to learn. Right?

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