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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tuition for pre-school children???

Salam to all,

As I'm still in the hunt to find the best kindergarten for Fathini, I can't help but to share what I've discovered. mungkin yg lain2 dah lama tahu tapi ni mmg baru utk saya When I visited one of the famous kind around Kelana Jaya, I was told by the manager that Fathini might need to attend an after school sessions! (I guess it's just another name for tuition). I was quite shocked to hear that as I don't think Fathini is so far behind the other 5-year-old kids. Well, maybe she's not so familiar with BM, Mathematics or Science (according to pre-school syllabus), but insya allah after a proper guidance and of course I'm wiling to do my share of coaching her too, she'll be able to catch-up. This so called a famous kindy is willing to say that some children are weak students and they need some more drilling practices. For me, they just want to charge the parents more! mmgla kami berkira sikit duit tapi bila fikir2 balik pun, mmg mengarut sgt2  Of course I'm not going to reveal which kindy but I guess there are other private kindy that suggest the same thing.

I really don't understand why do we need to rob the fun of being children by forcing our kids too much nowadays. It's not totally the parents' faults as the syllabus come from the ministry. I'm actually worried that I myself would do the same thing to Fathini just to make sure she won't be left behind. huhu.

I thought I'm the only one who think that the syllabus is too much. When I visited another kindy cum nursery, the owner of the place shared my view too. I really prefer her approaches as she integrated all the subjects and also Islamic teaching. It's just that the place doesn't offer a half-day session as all of the children there stay for the whole day.

This whole experiences has made me want to open my own kindy/nursery. But I want to do a Master degree first before I could proceed with my dream. Plus I want to equip myself with the knowledge before I can venture in that kind of business.

What about those who have children in kindergartens now? Could you share with me some of your experiences? After 2 years + of dealing and learning about pre-school education from the playcentre in New Zealand, I'm a bit overwhelmed with this new discovery here in Malaysia. In NZ, they emphasis more on playing as that's how pre-schoo children learn. I remember when I attended kindy during my time, all we did was singing, dancing and learn a little bit of A,B, C. It's not a must for a 5 year old child to be able to readeither in BM or English. BUT NOW, it's a must that children in pre-school level are able to read both in BM and English. Once they enter the primary school level, their teachers won't start with A,B,C anymore or 1,2,3.


fa10 said...

rata2nya anak2 yg baru balik dr oversea akan terkejut dgn budaya pembelajaran di tanahair kita.
Pada pendapat saya, terlalu byk benda yg nak kena belajar dan terlalu mengejar peperiksaan.
untuk 2,3 bulan pertama ni mereka akan tension tp slps itu ok la

Nadiah Sidek said...

akk, ni la salah 1 sbb knp bdk2 kat malaysia tak suka gi sekolah. kecik2 dah pressure..mcm mana la diorg nak suka ke sekolah. sgt jauh bezanya dgn sistem pendidikan kat kuar negara yg menjadikan bdk2 suka gi sekolah. kdg2 kita sendiri kesian dgn bdk2 tu..

Ummi Hanie said...

betul tu kak...
kindergarten punya syllabus shud not be too strict

pengalaman Hanie punye anak2 masuk tadika(islamic,ABIM) tak too strict la..kesian budak2kan..masa tu Hanie masukkan 2 org sekali.sorang 6 thn,sorang lg 4 thn.yg 4 tgn tu of coz la xnak belajar sgt,lebih kpd nak main.

naluri anak2 baya tu mmg nak main.yelah,bila lagi nak enjoy main kan?dah besar sikit masuk skolah rendah nnti dah byk homework.and...kindergarten xperlu tuition.mengarutlah kan kak?even homeworks pun shud not have

kakyong said...

fenomena skrg ni rasa mcm xtreme sgt utk anak2.. ya lah, umur 5 tahun expected dah boleh baca... huhuuu

i hv fren yg buka kindy.. u cari kat FB Shafinaz mohd saad.. she is now also a trainer utk kursus2 yg berkaitan taska ni.. i think she's already on this kindy thing since 2004/2005..

mommyYen said...

i totally agreed wit niece dulu kat kindi (1st yr)..diwajibkan dah lancar mbaca both bm n bi b4 enter the 2nd yr..aiyooo..penin sudah kita ni as a parents..

Wan Anie said...

inilah cabaran ibubapa skang Nur, saya juga sama...

anak sy yg sulong hakim pun usia 5 tahun baru jer kindy tahun ni, cikgu hakim penah cakap dengan saya yg anak saya a bit slow.... sebab rakan2 yg lain dah boleh baca sukukata, anak saya baru nak bertatih...

i believe childrens learn from play.. kita yg kena play to learn some sort of thing at pre-school.

ICA said...

Nur, I totally understand. Ada perbezaan yg ketara if you compare education for kids overseas vs local. I think the competition here is soo high...and sadly even kids at the age of 5 are already feeling the effect. Go with your heart & make ur best judgement for fathini...coz only u know her capabilities well. InsyaAllah u'll find a way...

nadnye said...

Salam Nur, macam muda jea nak panggil kak.. remember me jumpa kat MSK gathering tadi....nadnye@

Bukan org balik msia jea yang culture shock,org kat msia, saya sendiri dah lama rasa x puas hati tapi rata2 mmg camtu lah, by 6 yrs dah kene membaca ngan lancar kalu tak dia kata lambat...darjah satu dah buat macam2

pernah masuk at kindy yg so called popular tapi kan kene survey dan survey sampai rasa puashati, tanya principle tapi tu la rasa beban jea bdk2 tu, tapi nakbuat camne kalu tak left behind kat sek ren kecuali homeschool.

dah experienced ngan my eldest, masuk kelas 2nd lastsebab tak lancar BM, sebab nak tentukan kelas ada test plak... rasa tak best plak sebab tu pulun la ajar bm plak kat dia tapi saya x pressure dia.
panjang plaK..
macam kene buat satu entry plak..:P

temp. housewife said...

thanks for all of the feedbacks. I've chosen a kindy which is very near to where we are staying and the good thing is, the principal herself wants to help Fathini to read and write.

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

cant really blame anyone here except for the "msian world" yg our predecessor have created.
so to survive, we need to be prepared seawal boleh. so semua kiasu la nak make sure yg anak2 well equip to face the challenges. little did they notice yg system sekarang ni test/exam oriented and not really equipping the kids for the practical world. i would prefer a preschool yg ajar budak logical thinking while playing yg boleh train the brain drpd preschool yg stress on numerical & alphabets.

if resources OK, i would always be supportive for many malaysian parents to just homeschool their kids instead of sending to preschool. i feel anak dpt lg byk benefit dr kita mengajar & they will have fun too coz yg mengajar dia tu alert on anak punye "happiness meter", kan?

temp. housewife said...

now I'm considering abt HOmeschool as most kindergartens stress too much on drilling in reading and writing.