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Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't call me "Kakak" !


"Don't call me 'Kakak'! I'm 'adik' ". That's the normal line for Hafizah who refuse to be called 'kakak' even though she has two younger cousins. Well,  we call her 'adik' because right now she's the youngest in our family. lgpun rasanya belum fikir nak bg adik pd dia lg skrg. tapi tak tahulakan kalau dah rezeki tak boleh tolak She seems so comfortable being the youngest in our family. That's why when her cousins or other people refer or call her as 'kakak', she didn't like it. She still refuse to be toilet trained although we've tried various methods to encourage her to be diaper less. Though she always says "I'm not a baby any more"(especially when I tease her), she sometimes refuse to walk and ask us to carry her. It's not easy to carry her as her weight is now about 13 kg.

I guess Hafizah is just in the phase of "I-don't-want-to-grow-older". Maybe it's us who still want her to be our 'baby'. Well, at the age of 3, she's still small. I have to admit that once my daughters become older, I miss the baby smell on their hair. It's not that I'm not happy that they are the age where they want to do most things on the own (with a close supervision of course!). Don't get me wrong here. I just miss the time when they were fully depend on me. Now, they can happily play on their own and they have created their own invisible best friend called "Ella Bella"!

I just wonder if any of you have the same feeling of missing your children when they've grown older? Or is there any of your children still consider himself/herself as "adik"?


Anonymous said...

Saya tak pernah panggil anak dengan gelaran adik.
Lebih suka panggil nama, bila dapat adik jer terus letak kakak di pangkal nama.
so far kakak Awla ok ajer...

T said...

I'm the first from 4 with bunches of little cousin. And yeah, you don't call me "kakak." I'm just not used to it, especially when used by strangers or people I don't really know. Geli~. I like my name, so by all mean call me by my name. Even my 4-year-old nephew called me by my first name, even when he prefix my spouse name with "Uncle." I guess I'm just too lively (more like childish) to be an Aunt ;-)

Nadiah Sidek said...

hihi..mcm mana la nnt bila dia dpt adik..takmo dipanggil kakak jugak ke? :D

Jiey^Mien said...

Kalau membesar ikut rate biasa, mmg akan terasa cepat..
Bila tgk kaki Rayyan yang terjulur lebih ms riba or dukung, terasa sangat yang dia dah besar..
dulu ms bwk balik, panjang dari ujung jari tengah ke siku jer..
punye la kecik.. nama pun premie..
tp overall, still rasa yang dia baby lagi..
sbb takleh jalan, takleh cakap lagi.. so overall, tersangatlah baby lagi!! =)

transformed housewife said...

fa10: tula dah terpanggil dia 'adik'. susah nak ditukar pulak.

T: sometimes when we don't feel comfortable with certain status, we refuse to be referred by the status.

Nadiah: harap2 bi;a dia besar sikit ok kot. cuma kena tunggu 2-3 thn lg baru boleh bg adik utk dia kot.

jiey: anggapla itu salah satu mcm kelebihan mempunyai anak istemewa seperti Rayyan. But the fact is our kids will always be our babies right?

mommyYen said...

same goes to me kNur..miss the moment when their stil sooo baby..the smell,the cuteness..eheheh..

izah..tetap nak jadi baby of the family sampai bila-bila juga tu kNur..hehe.cute loo

yushida03 said...

sometimes.. i do miss her younger days.. well she got a baby sister so.. ok la..

like wise, she still want us to dukung her altho she can walk on her own..

i think i can understand the feeling..