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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ella Bella - Hafizah's Imaginary Friend


Hafizah: Mama, Ella Bella want to eat Honey Star (cereal) too.
Me:       But where is she? Is it okay if I just give you another bowl and you'll give it to her?
Hafizah: Ok, mama. Thank you.

That's only one example of how Hafizah use her imaginary friend, Ella Bella when she needs to pretend playing. It's not just Hafizah who likes to play with Ella Bella but originally Fathini created that imaginary friend for both of them. Do your children have any imaginary friend? Do we have to worry about this situation?

I've searched some articles from Google and these are the things that I've found. Hopefully thee explanations can answer some of your concerns about this situation too.

Functions of having imaginary friend/s:
  • They can be wonderful companions for pretend play, which is an important way to stimulate creativity and imagination. Having an invisible friend can make those long trips to the moon or back in time a little less lonely.
  • They can act as a child's trusted confidant when there's no one else to tell their secrets to. Even small children have issues that are too private to tell us.
  • They can help kids figure out the difference between right and wrong. Kids sometimes have a tough time stopping themselves from doing things they know are wrong. Blaming the imaginary friend for eating cookies before dinner is often a sign that the child understands right vs. wrong distinctions but isn't quite ready to assume complete responsibility for her actions.
  • They can give you some valuable insights into your child's feelings. Listening to your child bravely comfort an invisible friend who's about to get a shot may be a clue that your child is more afraid than she's letting on.

  • Don't let the "friend" be your child's only companion. Kids need to socialize with others their own ages. If your child seems to have no other friends or has no interest in being with her peers, talk to your pediatrician.
  • Don't let your child shift responsibility for everything bad to the friend. Saying that the friend is the one responsible for a nighttime accident is okay. Blaming the friend for a string of bank robberies isn't.
  • Treat the friend with respect. This means remembering his name, greeting him when you meet, and apologizing when you sit on him.
  • Don't use the friend to manipulate your child. That means no comments like "Maggie finished her dinner, why don't you finish yours?"
Click HERE for the source.

Now, if you are dealing with the same situation with your child/children, would you like to share what do you normally do?


    luahfikiran said...


    mila.ibunajihah said...

    i thinks it's cute, tapi mmg kita kena pantau juga kan. selama ni sy sangka the only child je yg prefer imaginary friend ni, sbb sunyikan. thanks for the sharing k.nur.

    yatie chomeyl said...

    sedaknyo namo imaginary fren fizah kui3x

    Ummi Hanie said...

    but sumtimes it's a bit scary for us adults to imagine their imaginary friend is a ... hurmm hopefully not that 'type' .

    anak2 Hanie selatakat ni belum pernah nmpk mereka ada kwn khayalan..maybe sbb sesama mereka dah cukup corrum kot,xsempat nak imagine2...hehe ;p . cuma ! yg sorang tu (izzah) baru2 ni saya try tanya kalau2 ada 'kawan' yg suruh dia x pakai baju..coz she acted weirdly lately by not wanting to wear clothes . huhuu ... and then can u guess wht Izzah said ?? " ada kawan muka buruk suruh jerit2 dan tak pakai baju" ... huwaaa....meremang bulu roma !

    isabelle said...

    i've always wondered anak2 mat saleh yg ada imaginary friend ni kenapa boleh ada such things?
    it does happen to fiza jugak ye rupanya :P

    Nia said...

    haha,..kak nur, i used to had an imaginary friends too. about 3 of them. My little brother was born when I am 4. So, quite sometimes jgk i am being entertain with these imaginary friends..

    transformed housewife said...

    LF- it's just what I found out and based on my experiences dealing with my young children.

    transformed housewife said...

    Mila- I thought the same thing too! tak sangka Hafizah boleh ada kwn dlm imaginasi dia.

    transformed housewife said...

    Cik Ti- sebenarno Tini suggest namo tu. tapi sokmo Fizah hok mace dok guno dan main dgn 'sain' dio tu.

    transformed housewife said...

    Hanie- kalau 'kwn' yg buat kita meremang bulu tu, bahaya jugak. setakat ni, anak2 knur mmg guna kwn dia tu utk main olok2 je.

    transformed housewife said...

    Belle- mungkin anak2 knur ni terpengaruh masa kami kat NZ kot. diaorg kan mula2 belajar bersosial masa kat sana.

    Nia- wah bukan sorang tapi sampai 3 kwn olok2 ye.

    Nadiah Sidek said...

    mmg berlaku real ye kak nur? ingatkan tak wujud. kecik2 dulu nadiah tak tau la ada imaginary friend ke tak. imaginasi tak brp tinggi kot..ehe..

    wanie_cmi said...

    Mama nyer frenlist dah terdelete... dalam proses mengumpul semula kawan2...huhu...harap kengkawan boleh listkan blog mama sekali lagi...sob..sob..sob.


    kakyong said...

    tak pernah perasan pulak anak ade kwn imaginasi ni.. selalu pun depa dok havoc ber3 org jer...