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Saturday, July 31, 2010

To My Darling


Ooooh My love,
My darling,
I hope you'll get what you want,
And we shall pray for you,
To bring home the success,
Please don't worry about us,
As we'll be okay,
With your parents and siblings here,
Who we can depend on,

Just do what you need to do,
Complete what you need to complete,
Hopefully it won't be long until we see each other again.

If you are wondering why did I create the poem and to whom I'm dedicating it to, let me just tell you that it's a special poem for my darling hubby. Right now, he's flying back to Hamilton, NZ to finish up his phd. He hasn't submit his first draft and he intend to submit it in 2 months time. And YES, that means we (my daughters and I) won't be able to celebrate Ramadan and Eidul Fitri with him this year. sedih tu sedih jugak tapi terpaksala berkorban. huhu 

When we were in the airport, my daughters seemed excited but once they couldn't see their papa, they asked "Where's papa, mama?". I had to explain why their papa had to leave us and hopefully he won't take so long this time to really finish up everything.
Our family picture in BGWP.


Sitisifir10 said...

sob sob....tumpang sedih jugak..balik kampung sensorang tak best, apatah pulak kalau beraya tanpa cik abam...wuwuwuwuwuw

Jiey^Mien said...

Syahdunya kak..

transformed housewife said...

Pijah: terpaksa berkorban lg. dah terpaksa.

Jiey: skrg ni dah syahdu. rasanya bn puasa dan raya nanti lglah syahdu. huhuhu