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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deebo Dibo2x Ding (Do your children think they can just wish for anything?)

Lately, my daughters like to watch a program on PHDC on Astro. The cartoon is about a kind and friendly dragon. The catchy theme song sounds like this :

Fathini can actually tell me the wordings of the theme song. She wants me to type out the wordings here but I just tell her I would prefer to make a video of her singing the song. (Unfortunately I'm not good in uploading any video here yet. huhu). 

Why am I sharing about this particular cartoon? As a mom, I can't help but monitoring all the programs that my daughters like to watch. At first, my hubby was a bit hesitated about letting our daughters watching this program as this program is teaching children that if we want anything we can just wish and the wish will come true. But my personal opinion is different as I know that we've taught our daughters that nothing comes easily. Until now, alhamdulillah our daughters never ask things we can't afford or ask any unreasonable things. Maybe it's still early to say anything as our daughters are still small. Who knows when they are teenagers, they might be demanding. We can only teach and guide but they will make their own choices.

Now, I wonder about how do you control or monitor what your kids watch on tv? Is there any guidelines and limited hours of watching? As SHARING IS CARING, I would love to hear your view on this issue.


Hamizah said...

entah lah kdg mmg xterkontrol anak2 tgk tv..

transformed housewife said...

bg saya, kita kena juga tengok2 apa yg anak2 tengok kat tv.

SyidaGorjes said...

kita mmg kontrol ape yg dia nak tengok, cuma sekarang ni still tak leh nak control timing dia lagi.mana taknye, asik katun je siang malam.mana bole kan?

mumyShaneQeisha said...

layan Deebo Dibo2 sini kejap