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Monday, July 12, 2010

When you are in love with...............(dedicated to all WC fans)


This is a spur-at-the-moment poem that I would like to dedicate to all World Cup fans. (I'm not one of the fans-pls don't ask me why).

Don't ask me why,
I don't share the same love,
Don't describe the passion,
because I just can't understand,
When you are in love,
You would do anything,
You would sacrifice everything,
You would wait for the game to start,
You would make sure you stay awake until the end,
You would glad to share the joy with your friends,
You would even shed some tears for your team,
When you are in love,
With World Cup,
Nothing else would matter.

P/S: This morning, only few on students turned up for the class. For those who attended the class, they looked like zombies who were physically there but mentally somewhere else.


Mila_ibu najihah said...

salam Alaik kak nur (^^) hebat penangan WC ekk..smpai tak masuk kelas lak bebudak tu.

transformed housewife said...

tula Mila. diaorg sanggup ponteng kelas atau kalau pergi pun nampak mengantuk sgt2.

yushida03 said...

popular reason/excuse.. 4 tahun sekali baru ada ni... hehe.