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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another controversial commercial ads? Really??


Maybe most of you have watched this commercial ads about the meaning and significance of ramadhan on 8TV. It has become a controversial ads due to the armpit issue. Armpit? Yes, believe or not Malays (I'm also one of them) have become so sensitive even though I don't think it's a big issue as even some Malays who are Muslims show more than that everyday. Media Prima apologized for airing the commercial ads but this time (compared to last year's controversial commercial ads on TV3) they don't have to apologized. I reckon I better let you be the judge to and decide your stand. SO.................why don't you pay attention to this commercial ads:


Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

hu hu sepatutnya bila bulan ramadhan ni kena puasa dari segala sudut kan kalau yg berlainan agama tu maybe drg x faham..tulah masih pakai sexy so nak buat mcm mn. kalau yg dah muslim tu hu hu...kena tanya diri sendiri lah

yatie chomeyl said...

x kontroversi pong. pelik2 isu lo ni. ngarut jah belako sajo nok suruh bunyi mace ore melayu ni racist

Diyana said...

aik kak.dah kene remove dr utube

Yan said...

errr ni iklan ape/ tak pat tgk... jarang tgk 8tv... klu astro jauh sangat cenelnye 708 gegege

SyidaGorjes said...

tak sempat nak tgk