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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I almost turned myself into HULK.


It's been two days since I shared something here. During Ramadhan, I can't really find time to sit in front of my netbook and type an entry. There's always something else that I need to do. However, I've decided to share an incident in my office this morning. I almost turned myself to be HULK. Who's HULK? Do you still remember the character in a tv series, cartoon and there was also an motion picture called HULK? He's just a normal guy BUT when other people make him angry, he turns himself into somebody else with a top-to-toe green person. He becomes so strong that he can run amok to those people who piss him off.

Now, let me tell what actually happened:

This morning, I arrived at my workplace as usual at 8 a.m.When I sat at my desk, I checked out my lesson plans for the day. Then, I photocopied some exercises for my students. 20 minutes later, I realized that I couldn't the CD for the Structure subject. I was panicking while I went through my stuff to find the CD. I asked some of colleagues if they happened to see it, but nobody seemed to know about it. So, I decided to write a little note on the board where everyone could see. I was hoping that someone might accidentally take it. I didn't pay attention to what I wrote on the board since I was worried if I lost the CD, I had to pay to replace the CD from my own money. Few minutes later, SHE came with her usual vocal and loud voice. She didn't greet me but instead she said, "Nura, there's a grammar mistake in your sentence there". She left and I was too stupefied to even uttered a word. I felt humiliated and I tried to control my temper. I stood out and erased the note there. When I returned to my desk, I threw my marker pen on the floor. Some of my colleagues who also listened to Miss B**** were shocked at my reaction. I just told them that I had to calm down and I reckoned they understood that. It was not the first time for me having a problem with that particular person. Last time, she showed her uncomfortable face just because I prayed near her place and not in the prayer room. I reckon I still have this irk feeling towards her. She normally irritates almost everybody there with her vocal comments and particularly her insensitive comments towards other people.

Fuhhh.......Now I'm feeling better because I can let it go now. Hopefully, I don't have to face that person's unkind remarks anymore. I might not be able to even look at her face for the time being. I know that I shouldn't do that but I just can't help myself. Thanks for reading this. I don't really mind about any comments here as what I'm sharing is just one of my flaws as a normal human being.


Anonymous said...

koho tuo gak, koho banyok pesen manusia kito jjupo...
sayo pun br jah jjupo soghe manusia hok mulut tak dok insurans... segho nok gonyoh nga lado burung jah!!

yatie chomeyl said...

hahaha I can imagine how u look like when u throw that marker pen.

ignore her, just take the positive side of her comments . pernagai dio tu wat xtahu sudoh. wat letih jah sakit hati ko ore lain bule posa ni.

Xiet_Enigma said...

Be patient sis. Alhamdulillah u've felt better.

just as a reminder to ourselves.there's a hadith sahih means "when someone makes you mad and you are fasting, say I'm fasting, twice"
a beautiful hadith to calm ourselves.

people like that are everywhere. let's pray to Allah that we won't turn out to be like one of them. AMIN.

Selamat berpuasa :P