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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow in Hamilton: What will I do if we are still there?


It was quite shocking to learn that it has been snowing in Hamilton. For about 80 years, Hamilton and the other places nearby had never received any snow. We used to stay in Hamilton, New Zealand for 4 years from 2006-2010. During those years, the lowest temperature during winter was at -4 degree Celsius. Even with that temperature, I was already frozen. I wore 3 layers of clothes in the house with huge, comfy slippers. The biggest problem was with the old house we rented. It was not properly insulated and the windows were not from the double glazed windows.

So, I just can't imagine when the temperature plummet into -0.8 degree Celsius. How can Hamiltonians deal with that condition. It's worse with most houses are old wooden houses with no proper insulation. Using heaters can help to warm up their houses but then the electrical bill will go up.

Here is a video on the snow in Hamilton CBD:

Now, let's go back to the thing that I wanted to discuss here-

"What will we do if we are still there?"
  • at first we might also make a video to record the rare incident. 
  • then, we will have to think the best way to heat up our house.
  • next, we will have to be strong physically and mentally because this year the fasting month is during winter.
  • of course I might have to cook a lot since that is also the best way to heat up. 
 I reckon for most of us who have never seen snow, we think that it's something wonderful and exciting. BUT if you ask people who are living in the 4 season countries, it's not something fun anymore especially if it can cause frost bite. Playing in the snow for few hours maybe fun but to live there and experience it for at least 3 months or so is not exciting anymore. 


Lizan said...

k ijan tak pernah ada pengalaman dengan salji, hari tu gi frazer hill pun dah gigil2 tengah malam.. terlampau sejuk pun tak best sebenarnya kan.

reitak said...

Wow climate change!!

Yeah, but what I disliked most when I was in the UK was the gloomy wintry weather throughout winter, though it only snowed a few days...

yatie chomeyl said...

sekalo kalu snow gini x la smp 3 bule kot.

paling lamo pun seminggu duo jah kali