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Friday, August 5, 2011

Such a WASTE.

Such a WASTE

When you buy too much food,
Just because you are greedy,
It's such a WASTE.

When you spend too much time,
Sleeping or resting,
Just because you feel so tired,
It's such a WASTE.

When you talk about other people,
Pointing at their mistake,
Just because you think you are so perfect,
It's such a WASTE.

When you worry about insignificant things,
Just because you don't want to be left behind,
It's such a WASTE.

There are so many things,
Too much WASTE,
When we only have so little time,
The clock is always ticking,
BUT we sometimes fail to see,
Let's reduce the WASTE.

P/S: I hope this can be a little reminder to all of us. Read between the lines.


kakyong said...

bukan setakat masa ajer yg harus diuruskan dengan baik... :)

selamat meneruskan perjalanan di bulan Ramadhan

MSMMMR said...

anything that do not add value of the product is the waste..double thumbs up for this post!!!

Anonymous said...

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