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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to be popular overnight! (read in sarcastic tone)


Popular? Famous? Don't you want to be like your favourite celebrities? Don't you want to be well-known? People will look up to you and you'll be rich as well. Do you think that you need some talents to become popular? Well...........maybe some people need some talents just to boost up the popularity but most of the time you need a lot of publicity.

So, are you ready to learn the TIPS ON HOW TO BE POPULAR? All right:
  • find your niche. If you can sing, you should make a video and posted your video on YOU TUBE. If you are good in acting, you should also make a video of your best acting scene. You can be popular when your video receive a high hit like that 'Cikgu Shida'.
  • produce or come out with a controversial issue or again video. Be as bold as you can like 'Namewee'. He just produced a film called 'Nasi Lemak 2.0'! Before this, he was the one who created his own version of "Negaraku".
  • use some popular social network like Facebook or your own blog to write about something controversial.
  • find one record that you can break so that your name can be included in Malaysia's World Book of Records.  
Now are you dare enough to do one of those? If YES, then I can ensure that you'll be popular overnight. BUT if you don't want to jump into this kind of bandwagon, you just have to ignore all the tips and go on with your life as it is. PEACE!


yatie chomeyl said...

nganying ko sapo ni?

kakyong said...

popular tak bawa ke mana rasanya.. ;)

apa khabar? dah kembali kah suara??

Hamizah said...

wat miming video cam ckgushida ok tak?

Lizan said...

bunyi macam tengah marah jer nur....