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Friday, September 30, 2011

Retirement age is going to be increased to 60?


Yesterday I read about the proposal to raise the retirement age in private sector to 60. I definitely agree on that proposal. WHY? I can think of so many reasons and benefits for us if we are still working after the age of 55. Right now I can see my parents in-law are still working even though both of them have passed the standard retirement age. They are still fit and healthy.

My hubby and I have planned to keep working. Even if we decide to retire from the main job, we want to find another job or set up a business. We want to be like his parents who are still active until now even though they are at the age of 62 and 65. We don't want to have the boring life after retirement where the normal perception is the time to relax, play with the grandchildren and learn more about our religion. For us, we should be able to do all of those even when we are still young. We just need to find the way to balance our life.

What do you reckon? Would you like to work until the age of 60?


Diyana said...

saya pun setuju itu utk sektor swasta je la kan,gomen masih umur sampai 56 atau optional 58 je. abah saya pn sblum ni pun dia lanjutkan persaraan ke umur 58,itupun kejap je rasa..bln april ni dah kene bersara.padahal dia masih kuat dan aktif.itu abah saya cakap,kalau boleh lanjut lagi kan bagus jg.

transformed housewife said...

mmg yg tu utk private. kerajaan boleh sambung kontrak. ramai je yg masih bekerja lps umur 55. kita perlukan org2 berpengalaman nak ajar yg masih muda.

Al-Manar said...

I am weary over the need to extend the age of retirement. We should not consider health simply as a reason. The overall age of population is very important.

If a country bears heavily on young people, extending age of retirement would deny employment for them whose need to work to earn money is greater than the older ones who can afford to retire or find self employment.

Keeping senior officials longer in service would deny the opportunity for the junior ones to earn higher salaries on retirement.

Finally, we are looking at life from materialistic viewpoint. I retired early and have been working very hard for the last SEVENTEEN years with my motto 'berkhidmat kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan'. Are we blessed with age and health just to make money? What has Islam taught us?