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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rapid KL's service disruption.


Imagine this:

A lot of people was waiting for the train. They had been waiting for 20 minutes or so. More people came and the numbers were growing. When one train came, everybody wanted to get in. They tried to squeeze themselves in the over-crowded train. After few stations, they had to stop and changed to the other train. So, they had to queue up and joined another huge crowd. Some opted to use alternative transport but many still wait as it was not easy to get other transport as well. It was during the peak hour in the morning where many people were rushing to their workplace. To make matter worse, most of them were clueless as there were not enough personnel or staff who can help to explain what was going on. Some who were heading to KLCC had to stop at Kg Baru station again before they could continue their journey to KLCC.

Why am I sharing that?

I was one of those people who were stuck in the major service disruption of Rapid KL this morning. I arrived in the station (near where I live) at the usual time and I could only be at my workplace almost 2 hours after that. It was actually the first time for me to experience the major delay. Most of the time, the delay is not that bad. Rapid KL is quite reliable and dependable.  That's why I wonder what really happened this morning. I also wonder why were there not enough staff or police officers who can help the passengers to get information and explanation.

  • Please provide us with more information if there's any service disruption. 
  • Please place more staffs on each stations.
  • Please update us with any changes clearly.
  • Please upgrade everything in order to provide the best service as we know that you gain a lot of profits everyday.

1 comment:

yatie chomeyl said...

u should sen dthis letter to them. kalu dop, makin teruk la service dio