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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chef Riz should be removed from being the co-host for Masterchef Malaysia?


I know that this was a hot issue early last month since this news was published in Malaysian Insider. What kind of news was it? Okay, let's see the news:


Did Chef Wan’s son cook up his CV for MasterChef Malaysia?

UPDATED @ 10:40:29 AM 09-11-2011
November 09, 2011
A screenshot shows Chef Riz’s Masterchef Malaysia profile page hosted by
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 9 — Mohd Nadzri Redzuawan, popularly known as Chef Riz and a judge on MasterChef Malaysia, is in hot soup. In his MasterChef profile on the Astro Ria website, he claimed to have worked at two famous restaurants in the US, but checks with both of them have revealed otherwise.
The son of local celebrity chef Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, claimed he worked as “chef de cuisine” — also called a head chef — at the world famous Mario Batali’s flagship Italian restaurant Babbo in New York when he was only 22.
Batali is an American chef who is as famous for his signature shorts and orange Crocs as his string of restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Singapore and has starred in the “Iron Chef America” TV series.
“These claims are untrue. Mr Nadzri has never worked at Babbo,” Mario Batali’s communications director, Pamela Lewy, said in an email reply yesterday.
When contacted, Chef Riz insisted he did work at Babbo.
“I was there for a year, from January 2005 to December 2005,” he said.
Now 29, he also told The Malaysian Insider he worked as “sous-chef” at Le Bernardin under chef Eric Ripert — of the Asian Food Channel’s “Avec Eric” fame — before returning home to star in several TV programmes.
A sous-chef is the second in command of the kitchen and directly assists the head chef.
“I took a break, a short holiday before joining Le Bernardin for two years. I was there from March 2006 to July 2008,” he said to The Malaysian Insider in a phone interview yesterday.
An email from Batali’s spokesman disputes Chef Riz’s claim of employment.
A publicist for Le Bernardin, Helen Medvedovsky, told The Malaysian Insider this morning after checking with the Michelin three star-rated restaurant that: “We looked into this and found out this man never worked at Le Bernardin.”

When it was pointed out that Batali’s spokesman had refuted the claim, Chef Riz said: “Aiyoh! That’s weird. I’ll be checking with them.”

A check by The Malaysian Insider later this morning found his profile page to now say he was a trainee at both restaurants. No explanation for the amendments was appended to the page. MasterChef Malaysia is a cooking show under the MasterChef franchise that is also present in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Greece, India, Sweden, Indonesia and the UK.
The show’s first season on Astro Ria began its run on October 22. Shooting for the series is scheduled to continue until the end of the year.

The past two days, I've read two letters in the Speak Up column in THE SUN. In both letters, they insisted that Chef Riz should be replaced by a more deserving chef to be the co-host. One of them wrote this, "The 29-year old co-host has deliberately lied in his CV and this shows a lack of integrity on his part. 

I had doubts too when ASTRO chose him as one of the judges. He's too young to be given such honour to judge, critisize and teach the amateur cooks. I had other celebrity Malaysian Chefs in mind before they actually announced the judges. Other chefs normally have to gain a lot of experiences before they can even get into the position of being a Head Chef. He clearly used his father's name to gain the cheap fame. 

 I'm not questioning his ability to cook as he might have been taught by Chef Wan since he was small. BUT there were other great cooks who have the same background too! SO, in this case, both ASTRO and him have to take the responsibility on this misconduct and cooking the impressive CV just to get the high rating? 

What do you reckon? Should he still be the co-host? Or someone who is more qualified should replaced him? 


yatie chomeyl said...

without him, the show will be super duper boring lagi..even with him around, the show is quite bored...kalau dio xdop lagi x best just keep him je la

Daddy Zuki said...

i agree with u. astro should have chosen a more experienced chef to be the judge, not chef riz...baru setahun jagung masak di dapur hotel..

Chik Att said...

antara sebab saya langsung tak berminat tgk master chef .....

kakyong said...

memang patut tukar lah.. even chefwan dlm FB dia pun komen 'padan muka dia'.. chefwan sendiri sedih & rasa terluka.. & of course whatever kritikan & akibatnya harus lah chef rizz tanggung, kan..

rasanya lebih ramai lagi chef yg lebih berkelayakan..

Ummi Hanie said...

dia dh kne asound dgn bapak dier ... hmm... biar je lah kot :p

kak nur , ada tag giveaway utk akk ;

Diyana said...

nak final dah pun masterchef malaysia. ari2 saya tgk..for me,chef riz..ok je. :D