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Friday, December 16, 2011

How to prepare for a date.


I gave the topic "How to prepare for a date" to my students today. I asked them to brainstorm some ideas as they need to write about the topic. Process writing is the genre for their level and sometimes they have difficulties to write especially when it comes to writing the steps.

Below were some of their amusing suggestions:

            Going for a date means going out to have a romantic place with your loved one. Some couples like to go to a restaurant, park, cafe or zoo. It is simple to prepare for a date if you follow these suggestions. Before you prepare for the date, you need to confirm about the date. First of all, book a table in a restaurant. If you do not book, you might not get a nice table. Secondly, buy some flowers. It is better to buy red roses to your girlfriend. Next, book a limousine. You need a driver so that you can have a nice time with your girlfriend at the back. Then, do the personal grooming. You must take a shower, shave your moustache and beard, brush your hair and spray some perfume. After that, choose smart clothes. You want to look handsome for your girlfriend. Finally, arrive at the place on time. It is not good to be late especially on your first date. I hope you will try these suggestions and you will have the most romantic date ever. 

*I have edited some of their spellings, sentence structure.

That class is full of young adults from the age of 18 to 22. There is only one girl in the class. Usually they do not really have ideas on what to write in other topics. BUT when I introduced that topic today, they were so excited to share their ideas. One underage (16 year old!) student even suggested that "You should ask your girlfriend to follow you back to your house!". Another one suggested, "Book a hotel room. You should book a room so that you can sleep together!". I  just told them to stop all the ridiculous ideas and write about the steps on having a date of going out to a place to have a chat. That's all. I might have sound like their mothers or you can say "Conservative". I didn't expect those ideas will come from male students who mostly come from the middle east. Maybe they are still like teenagers and they are not matured yet. 


Affieza said...

Bila suruh buat ttg topik date mcurah2 idea diaorg keluar ekh???hehe..

Lizan said...

suka la tu citer pasal dating2 tu.. kalau tak dipantau harus cerita dalam kain pun habis disebak..hihi

yatie chomeyl said...

gelenya budok2 tu hahaha

transformed housewife said...

Affieza: mmglah. kalau tajuk lain mcm boring kot.

transformed housewife said...

K.ijan: yg bg idea pelik2 tu baru umur 17 tahun tau.

transformed housewife said...

Tie: meme pong. Tu yg Knur dok maroh sokmo dle kelas kalau ado hk perangai pelik2.

kakyong said...

owh.. topik cintan-cintan laju jer yer.. hehhe.. tersenyum2 baca n3 nih