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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Suggestions please for a nice place to have a family vacation.


We (my siblings and I) are planning to have a family vacation at the end of this month. The problem is we are kind of not sure where is the best place for 8 of us (plus our partners & kids). My brother suggested Cherating as it's only one hour drive from his house in Kuantan and not that far from KL too. Most of us have never been to Cherating and it seems like a good idea. However, I'm thinking about the rainy season now and it might not be the best place especially in December. I've suggested Felda Residence Sg. Klah Hotsprings as there are apartment that we can rent. Again some of them were not keen on the idea.

I really hope that we can go somewhere and spend time together because the last time I could join my family for a vacation was about 6 years ago when we went to Langkawi. That's why I really hope that any of you can enlighten me with some suggestions with affordable price since we also have to support our younger siblings who are still studying. 


Nia said...

how about bagan lalang? quite ok, tempat pun cantik.

transformed housewife said...

thanks Nia. Akan dicadangkan.

Lizan said...

cameron highland la nur ..