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Monday, December 5, 2011

Farewell party to our boss.




  Farewell is a word,
So simple, so dour
Saying what started
but did not endure.
Farewell is a feeling
of something that’s gone
Farewell is a memory
that stays for too long
Farewell is everything
that’s been left unsaid
Farewell is the greeting
of someone
who’s dead.

Peter Rhodes
   He's going to be missed by all of us since he has done a lot to make us feel comfortable working alongside with him. He listens to us, tolerates our antiques and gives us  ample time to get our jobs done.  I'm not the only one who feel so sad with his decision to work in another place.

  So, last Friday we organized a farewell party in Chilli's K.L.C.C. Only some of us could make to the party since it was held after working hours. We planned to make it a surprise party but our boss somehow knew about it beforehand. (somebody might have told him)

  The party was supposed to start by 5 but most if us only turned up by 5.20 p.m. When he arrived, we tried to shout "Surprise!" but he didn't look surprised at all. The first agenda was to have an early dinner so the waiters started to send some food when we told them that we were ready to eat.

   Some of the food that we ordered were chips and salsa, mashed potatoes, chicken strips and chips, quesadilla and chicken burger with chips. To tell you the truth I wasn't so crazy about the food since they tasted quite bland. I don't understand why do people like Chilli's so much. (maybe it's just me). While we were eating, we were sharing some amusing stories and jokes. Erik was so calm and cheerful that evening except when he gave the speech.


   When he gave the speech, we could feel his sincerity since he never tried to hide his feelings. He was glad to know us and be able to be our boss though it was not so easy to manage about 40 English teachers. One of us presented the big farewell card and a present for him. We bought him a special mug because he was caught accidentally stealing one  of the mugs that belongs to one of the teachers. (he saw the irony of the mug) I had to leave early that day because I had to fetch my daughters in the nursery. Thus, I was the first person to leave the place right after his speech. I managed to take a photo with him just before I left. 

Thanks Erik for everything. It was nice knowing you as a boss.


Lizan said...

sedihnya bila dapat boss baik, kena berpisah pulak. susah nak jumpa boss yang serasi ni, mudahan2 pengganti dia pun okey jugak

transformed housewife said...

mmg sedih K.Ijan. Kami semua pun sedih sbb dia boss yg baik. Yg nak ganti ni tak tahula.