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Monday, October 29, 2012

A non-qualified psychologist?


Have you ever give or share your thoughts when other people ask your opinion on their problem? Have you been a good listener to your friends? What about giving some suggestions on how to solve some problems?
If your answer to all of those questions is YES, then you are actually a non-qualified psychologist.

Most of us think that we always know how or what to say when our family members or friends ask us to share our opinion. Sometimes we think if we have the same problem, we would this and that. However, how many of us realize each problem in life is unique. Although there might be some similarities with some problems, we can't just suggest one way of dealing with them. When our friends make some mistakes in solving their problems, we turn our back and think that they deserve to suffer.

I've been one of the non-qualified psychologist too. I've learned my mistake several times now. It's better to lend our ears to the problems and then maybe suggest some possible solutions. But at the end, the person need to weigh the pros and cons of their own decision. There's no such thing as THE BEST solution in life. We learn the part and parcel of life through our own decision and like or not, we have to deal with the consequences every day. 

SO, if next time you want to give advice, don't forget to say that, "Your own decision is the best for you".


Syigim said...

most of my friends will say i'm a good listener :) insyaAllah i will try to listen n give my 2-cents :) hihi...n i have a friend yg suka cerita prob to everyone - meaning she makes everyone her 'non-qualified psychologists!' haha.

transformed housewife said...

Syigim: Ada juga yg mcm tu ye.