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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From Curve NX to The Curve,IPC & IKEA.


Do you hate exercise? But you love shopping or doing window shopping? THEN.......................a perfect place to go is MUTIARA DAMANSARA. WHY?'s simple. You can walk to those places as they are just next to each other while you are doing your window shopping. As walking is one of the best exercise, you won't realize that you are burning the fat while doing your favourite activity during weekend. 

Last Sunday, we didn't really plan our walkathon trip. My SIL was the one who asked us to drop Fathini & Hafizah at Kidzania in Curve NX so that they can accompany their cousin to play there. In order to fill up our time waiting for our daughters, we decided to walk and check out the other buildings near Curve NX. I've been to The Curve & eCurve before but I've never enter IKEA. That's why I asked my hubby to go there and see what's so great about that place. It was quite convenience to walk around there because they have built the bridges that connect the buildings around the area.

We began our walkathon from Curve NX to The Curve. A lot of shop lots were not opened yet and there were not so many people too. We spent some time in The Curve before my hubby decided to sit down and have some tea. Then, we went to RASA food court. We wanted to check out the stalls at the street in front of eCurve but then most of them were not opened yet. So, we proceeded to IPC. 

In IPC, there were a sale from Popular Book Store. They are selling books at a very crazy prices. I checked out some books but I didn't buy any. I love buying books but right now we don't have enough space to store our books. We also checked out other shops before we proceeded to IKEA.

There were so many people in IKEA. We can't really walk without the stroller bumping into other people's feet. Some people dropped their kids at the play area with a guardian so that they can shop peacefully. Most people are just stealing some ideas for their homes. Some love the furniture or other stuffs. We walked around to be inspired too. By 1 o'clock, we were starving and decided to eat in IKEA's food court. However, it was so crowded that we couldn't find any empty seat.

At last we had our lunch in RASA food court before we went back to Curve NX. By 2 o'clock, we were so tired and thought that Fathini and Hafizah were ready to go home. But when I called my SIL, she said that they were still waiting to go into some rooms in Kidzania. She asked us to go home and she would sent our daughters home.

Our walkathon was a kind of something that we haven't done for such a long time. We were there for 4 hours and we only stop walking when we had a drink and also our lunch. Maybe we should do this more often. my

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