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Monday, October 1, 2012

A & N academic & scientific editing service


My hubby and I have established a new website to advertise our services to public. This is one of our projects. We've been editing, proof reading and translating some academic papers for our friends and family members for few years. That's why we reckon it's best to establish a legal and proper service. We've registered this service under the enterprise company. So, if any of you out there need help with academic paper or any kind of translating job from BM to English or vice versa, we're happy to help with reasonable price for the service.

If you want to know more, please visit this website:

1 comment:

AlohaMolly said...

Kak Nura, first of all congrats on the establishment of your new biz :)

I think you meant "thesis" rather than "theses" on your website?