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Friday, May 8, 2009

Visiting Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World & Auckland Museum.

On 19 April 2009, my family and I went to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World and Auckland Museum. (dah lama my hubby janji nak bawa berjalan2. Akhirnya dia bawa juga masa cuti sekolah). First we went to Kelly Tarlton. It's kind of similar to Aquaria KLCC. But the main attraction here is the collections of Penguins that they have. It was not that hard to find the place. (Sebenarnya aku yg jadi navigator n ada juga tersilap bg instructions sekali sekala tapi akhirnya jumpa juga tempat ni). The place is not that big but I think it's quite cool as it was really the whole place is actually situated underground.

First we need
to pay (mmg le kena bayar kalau dtg tempat mcm ni) at the counter. Then, a photographer snapped our photo. We could buy the photo at the gallery before we went out of the place. We went inside and the first thing we could see was Penguins! But it was not upclose as we had to go inside a snowcat ride to see the Penguins. We notice a fake turltle and some fish. We also saw some pictures of the founder of the place: Kelly Tarlton. We also
saw Scott's Hutt. They recreated the same hutt that
Scott & his crew members used when they was on their Antartic Exploration. (ada la bunk beds, meja kayu lama dgn kerusi, alat2 yg diaorg guna, piano yg automatically main lagu2. mcm berhantu pulak. hehe).
As we went further, we saw a kid corner, a big tank that has huge stingrays and some fish, an aquarium of hermit crabs and a small cafe selling sandwiches, coffee
and some souvenirs. Then, we spotted the place where we could go and see the Penguins upclose! (bukanla upclose sampai boleh pegang2 Penguins tu. Cuma boleh tengok dekat jugala dr snowcat ride tu. Lps tu dlm tu sejuk jugak. Cuma maybe tak sesejuk South Pole). We snapped a lot of Penguin photos as it was the first time we saw real Penguins. The ride ended half an hour later. Then, we had a break. We ate sandwiches that we brought from home as we can't eat the sandwiches there. (tak halalla sbb mesti ada bacon or ham).

Next, we watched s
tingrays being fed. It was fascinating as the person looked so cool and she could talk even when she was busy feeding stingrays. Then, it was time to see different kind of fish under a tunnel. We just have to stand on a moving escalator. (sorry I'm not sure what is it called. terukkan my vocab.malunya!). My eldest daughter was screaming and crying as we went under the tunnel. She was intimidated by the background sound and she refused to enjoy herself looking at Sharks, big fish and other sea creatures. Then, it was almost at the end of the journey as we entered the gallery. I decided to buy some souvenirs. So, I chose some key chains and fridge magnets. Then, I saw our family photo. At first, I didn't want to purchase the photo as it was $35. But then, what the heck. I grabbed the photos and paid at the counter. I didn't mind to spend some money as I thought it was the best souvenir!.Then we left the place with some sweet memories.

We headed to Auckland Museum next as it was only about 11 o'clock when we left Kelly's. Once again, I had to be the navigator. (sesat juga sampai terpaksa pusing kat highway. mula2 my hubby dah tak nak pergi. tapi bila kitaorg semua merajuk2 jugak, dia terpaksa pusing dan cari jln lain). At last, we found the museum. The scenery surrounding the museum was so beautiful. It was situated in a Botanical garden. We spent about 11/2 hour to explore the museum. We went to the Pacific Culture exhibition and the WWW2 exhibition. The were other exhibition, but we need to pay to see the other exhibitions. By 3 o'clock we were tired and starving. (perut masing2 dah mula berbunyi mcm lagu seperti keroncong, asli, rap, pop, r&b dan mcm2 lg). So, we decided to go out and had our lunch on the grass outside of the building. From the place we were seating, we could see Auckland Tower and some other tall buildings. After we have finished eating, we headed home. (mula2 nak singgah sembahyang kat Papatoetoe, tapi tak jumpa pulak masjid tu. last sekali sembahyang kat Masjid Hamilton. haha).

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