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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I couldn't do to my mum.

I couldn't listen to her voice,

I couldn't ask her advice,

I couldn't make her something nice,

I couldn't pay for her sacrifice,

Not anymore,

How I wish I had done all of those,

Well maybe I had almost,

What I could do is cherish the memories with her,

I could pray for her,

I could tell my children about her,

I could share stories about her,

I could dream about her,

As there is as very special place for her,

Deep in my heart,

Though I couldn't remember did I tell her,

How much I love her,

How much I appreciate her,

How much I need her,

This Mother's Day,

I couldn't wish her anymore,

But I shouldn't stop thinking about her more and more.

P/S: I dedicated this poem to my late mum who died June last year (2008). I reckon those who have lost their parent/parents can relate to this too. I had some ideas about writing up a poem about my late mum on the last Mother's Day and this is the end-product.

1 comment:

yatie chomeyl said...

nice poem sis!

i found out this blog while blog hopping, i have a feeling u might know her , here's the link to her blog -->