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Monday, October 19, 2009

After 5 years.........

This entry is actually a backdated entry. So, please bear with me.

After 5 years.....we were able to go to watch a movie at a cinema. Yup... that's what happens when you have little kids. (bukan tak bersyukur ada anak tapi ada keterbatasannya.tak boleh nak buat sesetengah aktiviti mcm masa berdua je. jgn fikir benda lain pulak. hehe). The last time we went out to watch a movie, I was 4 months pregnant. (Fathini dlm perut masa tu). We went out with my hubby's lab mates to watch a movie. I can't even recall which movie that we watched during that time.

My hubby was the one who seemed so excited when we finally can bring our children to watch a movie. He booked the tickets online and chose the movie "Up". On the 4th October 2009, we went to the Sky City Cinemas in Westfield Chartwell. My hubby booked the earliest session which started at 10 a.m. (senang tengok awal2 sbb kalau lambat takut anak2 lapar). There were not so many people when we arrived there. I asked my hubby to buy a medium sized popcorn before we went inside and we were quite surprised to see that it was quite big. (dah jakun tengok popcorn sbb lama sgt tak masuk panggung. hehe). Once we were in the cinema 3, there were only about 12 people there! (syok tengok cerita bila tak ramai org). Both of my daughters seemed happy to be able to have this experience. Fathini asked "Why there's a big tv there?" . She even pointed her finger to the huge screen. I have to give a little explanation about the huge screen and what we were going to do there. Hafizah was just being so quite and contented herself by eating heaps of popcorn.

This is a photo of my hubby and my daughters inside the cinema:

I was quite pleased with the seats because the seats were huge! In Malaysia, there are some cinemas that have small and uncomfortable seats and we really hate going to those cinemas.
We thought that it's going to be cold in there. However, they didn't turn on the air cond which was fine as it was a rainy day and quite cold outside.

The movie was a good movie but maybe it's not so suitable for my kids as they can't really understand what happened in the movie. At some points, I had to reassure Fathini that everything was going to be all right at the end especially the parts when the old man fought with the explorer. We didn't hear too much noise from other kids who were there. Maybe because they were busy concentrating on the movie. Though Hafizah was bored at some points, and I had to move to her seat and put her on my lap before she started to cry. When the movie was over, we couldn't finish eating the popcorn and we just threw it into the rubbish bin. We took some photos before we went back. (utk kenang-kenangan bila anak2 besar).

As usual, before we went back, we had to stop at the dollar store. It's my favourite store here as I can buy most of the things at $2. I bought a set of coloured pens, two colouring books and a new set of doctor kit toy for my daughters. Our plan after that was to eat at King Pizza and Kebabs in town. Unfortunately, there was no parking space available during that time. (dah mmg masa lunch dan hr Ahd pulak tu. ramai ler yg makan kat luar). I had to agree with my hubby to eat at a small eating outlet that served halal Indian food. huhu. (Kempunan nak makan pizza org Turki tu). The food there was not bad eventhough there were only rice and several types of curry available on Sunday. We chose a bowl of butter chicken, a bowl of-not-too-hot lamb curry(tak ingat apa nama sebenar) and a bowl of hot lamb curry. (tak habis bungkus bawa balik lg sbb butter chicken boleh tahan sedap).

Once we were home, both of my daughters were sleepy and we just had a good rest for the rest of the day.


isabelle said...

kebetulan lak..smlm i baru je post entry ttg bw adam p cinema first time.

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

oh ye ke. I'll go and check it out.