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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Curry VS Gulai

They look similar right? However, the ingredients that we use are somehow different. Why do I want to talk about these? You have to read first to find out..........

As a housewife now, I have to worry about what should I cook for lunch and dinner. I used to be so lazy (really3x lazy), when I was working full time. I would buy take away food or even went out to have lunch and dinner. When I was working in USM, Engineering Campus in Nibong Tebal, Penang, I only cooked during the weekends as my hubby would be home on the weekends. We were the weekends couple for about 2++ years. When I moved to KL and worked in ELS, KL, I still didn't really have to cook as we were staying with my hubby's family in Kelana Jaya. My hubby, MIL or FIL would buy something for us before they came back home. During the weekends, my MIL would cook and I would only be her assisstant (sous chef. hehe). Sometimes we went out during the weekends and had lunch or dinner either in the food court or any nearby restaurant.

I should be going back to the title: Curry VS Gulai before I totally forget what I'm going to write. Hmmm it's about how I resolved our clash of preferences when it comes to food. My hubby really loves curry. He can eat any types of curry everyday with white rice or roti canai. While my taste is more on the Kelantanese dishes. I prefer soups and gulai. (beef/chicken/fish with light coconut gravy). According to my hubby, gulai which is prepared according to Kelantanese style is not as tasty as curry! Thankfully, he likes my favourite dish which is "Nasi Kerabu". What do I do? Well, in a week, I will cook curry for 2 days, soup for 2 days, special dishes like Chicken Rice, Special Noodle with gravy for the weekends and Western food for the remaining day. I always try to be fair and square as it's kind of hard to satisfy everyone's need especially when you have different preferences. My daughters now somehow have started to demand certain food too. I can see that in the future I have to be more creative in cooking. Sometimes, you can cook the same kind of dishes with some twists. For instance, yesterday I cooked spiral pasta with bolognaise sauce. In the bolognaise sauce, I put minced meat, some sausages, tofu (yes, tofu!), grated carrots and muushrooms. My daughters loved it and my hubby also gave a thumb-up. I reckon it's because I also put 2 tablespoons of curry powder in the sauce.

I guess it's time for me to stop rambling about food as it might make you feel hungry if you're not eaten anything yet. I'm not an expert yet but I'm learning here and there and picking up few tips from the experts to brush up my cooking skills. It's good if we always trying to renew the recipes that we have by adding few ingredients that are suitable and experimenting with food is better than experimenting in the lab like my hubby. haha.


AshAnas said...

gulai or curry? gulai bhs utara, curry bhs selatan n kedai mamak... hehe..
my hubby prefer my gulai than my MIL's curry... best tak? sbbnya shira masak gulai tak guna santan, tu yg dia suka...

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

sebenrnya gulai & curry lebih kurang. Cuma like u said, bhs utara & bhs Kelantan panggil gulai dan dlm gulai tak letak serbuk kari. cuma pakai bwg merah, bwg putih, cili kering, halia, lengkuas dan kdg2 kunyit.