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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mummy_Ayu GIveaway @1st Birthday Moment


For the first time ever, I managed to get the HTML code by myself in order to enter this contest! Yahoo..............I'm so happy,excited and so over the moon. So, thank you so much to my dearest sis. Yatie Chomeyl who had the time to write the tutorial abt getting HTML code in her blog. you sis.

Okay, let's get back to the contest before I totally go out of the topic. hehe. As usual, we have to check terms and conditions. Here are the T&C:
1. Jadi follower Mummy Ayu & add Mummy Ayu dalam bloglist (done)
2. Tepek banner contest nie kan side bar kenkawan... (done)
3. Lagi bagus kalu buat sticky mode entry..senang nak jengah nanti. (will try)
4. The most important things....tepek kan gambar waktu baby tu
celebrate her/his 1st birthday..
tak kisah la kat mana, macam mana...
janji nampak baby tu ngan kek.... (okay)
5. Terbuka kepada kanak kanak di bawah 4 tahun
(so..maksudnya gambar 4 tahun yang lepas pun diterima...)
6. Masukkan nama penuh kanak kanak, tarikh lahir plus
cita la cikit cikit pasal her/his 1st bithday celebration tu... (okay)
6. Tarikh contest nie...dari la nie (sekarang)
until my princess nya birthday 10 November 2009
7. Hadiah biarla rahsia but satu je leh kasi tau
my bestest friend dah agree nak jadi one of the penaja
so..satu lagi syarat tambahan..kena link ngan blog Notti Netti &
of coz link jugak ngan blog Mummy Ayu (okay)
(tak de link direject)
8. Tinggalkan link entry kenkawan kat komen box nie.. (okay)
9. Pemenang akan dipilih oleh para juri Mummy Ayu
(no undi undi...) ok!

I have chosen these two pictures of Hafizah when we celebrated her first birthday last year.

Name: Hafizah bt.Ariff
Date of birth: 22 June 2007
During her first birthday celebration, I was so determined to make the cake on my own and decorate it as pretty as possible. However, the butter icing turned out to be so watery. I used white chocolate to decorate at the adge of the cake and chocolate bits to make number one. Well, Hafizah and her big sister still loved the cake as chocolate cake is always being their favourite cake. we just celebrated Hafizah birthday at home during the winter. (that's why I was wearing jumper!). Hafizah received a rider for her birthday present and she was so delighted to ride it around the house everyday since she got it. I was not really in the mood at that time because I received a message from my brother about my late mum being addmitted to the nearest hospital. But, I didn't want to let my daughters down as her big sister was the one who was so excited to celebrate Hafizah's birthday. (We can see clearly in the pictures. :D). Two days after Hafizah's first birthday, my late mum passed away. Hafizah's first birthday is going to be an unforgettable date in my life especially because my late mum never had the chance to meet Hafizah. (She was born here in Hamilton, New Zealand and I never had the chance to go back to Malaysia to show my late mum her second granddaughter. huhuhuu).

Now, here are the link to mummy ayu , the organizer of the contest and the sponsor:


yatie chomeyl said...

bravo sis..dh terer..*clap clap*

good luck for the contest

mummy_ayu said...

salam kenal..tq coz join my contest..semua ok.LULUS. good luck yer!