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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Promoting .......MOM BLOGGERS PLANET.....

Where Moms Unite

You may wonder what is Mom Bloggers Planet? Is it a new planet that had been discovered by scientists? hehe. NOPE! This is the best site to be referred to when you have zero or little knowledge in the blogging world. (for example I, myself is still in the process of learning abt blogging). There are heaps of cool things that you can discover here like tips on blogging, blogging tutorials, cool contests, blog reviews and some product reviews. The owner of the site is Little Mama @Ros. Though MBP is still new (abt 9 months ++), it's become quite popular among Malaysian bloggers. I'm actually writing this entry because I'm interested to grab the Top Referrers Award for October 09. So, if you are new and interested to know about blogging, this is the best place to find out. Don't worry if you can't understand some of the jargons there as you can always ask little mama to explain. Plus you can always meet other mum bloggers out there and it's good to know that they are quite helpful as well.

Why am I so interested in promoting MBP? well,

ALL October 09 Top Referrers will get:

  • 30% discount e-voucher on all exclusive gin&Jacqie models available on BagsKaki AND
  • 5% discount e-voucher on all Coach/Cole Haan & other Designer branded items on BagsKaki

And, the TOP 2 referrers for MBP will get:

  • The above e-vouchers as well AND
  • FREE Gin & Jacqie Roomy Susan baby bag (choose between blue, purple, black – while stocks last) worth RM149.00 each!!
It's great! Right!

The prizes have been sponsored by Jacquie from

And.....the organizer is of course

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