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Monday, October 26, 2009

Beautiful but harmful.

Look at the two photos here. What kind of fruit do you think that is? I reckon most of you might say that it's cherry. That's what we thought too. If only we are more knowledgeable in identifying plants and trees, then we wouldn't have problems in eating the wrong kind of fruits!. Two days ago, when my hubby took a bite of the fruit, it tastes bitter and afterward, he suffered from burning lips and diarrhea. So, this fruit is only meant to be part of decorative plants in our backyard as the tree and the fruits look so amazingly beautiful but it's harmful. (maybe not to the extend of causing death but absolutely not to be eaten. Remember: I'm not an expert bcs it's only based on my assumptions). This is the tree:

We have few fruit trees that might be poisonous in our garden and we always try to be careful especially when our daughters are playing in the garden. Right now, we are waiting before the plums in our garden are ripen. There are already heaps of green plums on 3 trees that we have. Once the plums turn to magenta, we can eat them and definitely share the plums with our neighbours and friends here. Last year, we had a BBQ in our garden and our friends who came just went to the plum trees and pluck them as much as they like. It was fun and we might do the same thing this year. (depending on our budget bcs my hubby is still waiting for the next cheque to come. huhu).

It's great to have a big garden that's full with beautiful trees, plants and definitely flowers. Here, it's still Spring and there are heaps of flowers blooming beautifully. So, feast your eyes and enjoy the photos here.


yatie chomeyl said...

cantik tp berbisa...dasyat2x

mamaAdam said...

Envy nyer tengok laman orang penuh ngan bunga-bunga. Nak harap laman Ijan yg skkang kera tu... ummhhhh tk yah citer ler.. hihi