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Thursday, October 15, 2009

House Warming Contest | Want to win a Blog Makeover?

This time, I want to try my luck in this contest as I've tried few times to do some makeover in my blog without any success at all. (bila buat, dah hilang pulak some blog sites. huhu). I'm quite hopeless in blogging as there are so many things that I always struggle like in copying banner, making sticky mode(yup, that's right. I don't really know how to do a sticky mode entry. huhu), changing from 2 columns to 3 columns and changing the header og my blog to make it more interesting. Thus, I really need a makeover!All right, here are the terms and conditions:

1. Satu (1) blog entri bertajuk House Warming Contest | Want to win a Blog Makeover?

2. Kembangkan (haha!) ayat ini di dalam entri tersebut “Jiji u better kasi I menang Blog Makeover ni kalo tak……!! (ada kat bawah)
3. Dialog Anis Manis kepada kepada saya.. Contoh: “Mii..jangan makan banyak, nanti gemuk lagi, cemana Abbi nak belikan seluar jeans?(sila lihat di bawah)


4. Copy dan paste syarat-syarat ini di dalam entri tersebut. (dah letak)

5. Jangan lupa sertakan link

6. (Optional) Copy paste Blog Contest Badge pada entri atau sidebar atau mana-mana la yang anda suka.

(no problem)


So this is for no 2:
Jiji u better kasi I menang Blog Makeover ni kalo tak……!!“ I would never be able to makeover my blog as I'm still new and still in the process of picking up some tips here and there about blogging. Plus I'm quite an IT illiterate person. (buta IT. hehe or maybe slow sikit). I've tried few times to do the makeover and I ended up messing up the whole arrangements in my blog. So, right now I'm kind of hope for someone to help me with the makeover. SO, your contest is the perfect opportunity for me!

For no 3:
Dialog Anis Manis :

Mii...jgnla tenung2 Anis macam tu. Takutla Anis tengok. Kalau buat macam tu lama2, nanti Anis nangis sapa jugak yg susah. Mii jugak yg susah nak pujuk Anis..Kan, kan,kan. Baik Miii bg Anis susu. Anis dah lapar ni. Perut Anis dah berkeroncong, berdangdut dan mcm2 lagu dah ni.

This is the link:

Okay, I think I've done what I've supposed to do. Takpe ye Jiji kalau my entry campur2 English dgn BM. Sbb dah terbiasa guna English. Tapi of course tak lupa mcmmana nak tulis dlm BM.

1 comment:

Jiji said...

Hahahahahah funny la you@!~

Oh ya MBP ada contest best jugak mari mari join@!~