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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A story of my little misadventerous and my silly ball.......

Have you noticed the different layout? I had a little misadventerous this afternoon when I tried to change my blog layout and the header. I tried to change from 2 colums to 3 columns and changed the header. What happened? Due to my eagerness gatal tangan punya hal, I almost lost all the widgets! Luckily I managed to go back to the original template. At the end, I chose the simplest template and I don't think I would ever attempt to change again in the future unless I'm so sure of what to do. Mesti siapa yg baca ni pelikkan. Anyway I just want to keep learning on how to improve my blog until I'm confident enough. When I read the explanation on how to change the template, I felt like learning additional mathematic which I failed with flying colours!  haha...My brain must have automatically shutting down some of weird coding stuffs. huhu.

And now regarding my silly ball, let's see what I'm referring to:

I bought this ball last Tuesday. I've been aiming to buy this exercise ball for ages. The name 'silly ball' is given by my hubby because he thinks it's silly to exercise on this ball. I'm going to prove that he is totally wrong. I've been using this ball to exercise few times and I really like it! All I need now is to find now is how to use this exercise ball effectively. There are some examples given in the booklet that comes in the box.

 Wish me luck in using this exercise ball. I hope it won't be a toy for my daughters instead of my exercise ball a.k.a silly ball.


ummiluqman said...

takpa don't worry pasal template ni bole belajar lagi.. rasanya mcm ada tutorial tp takes time sikit sbb tu c'ma pun malas nak tukar hehe..oh btw that ball is good la.. even kalau duduk aja atas dia sambil tgk tv pun dah kira exercise our lower muscle, kat malaysia ada exercise masa preggy dulu. dlm youtube pun bnyk dia tunjuk cara exercise guna bola tu..all the best!

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

thanks C.Ma

E-na Zarina said...

Gaya hidup sihat! bagus tu...proove it! E-na ni risau jugak dok kt sini tkut mengembang,,risau saje but mkn x benti jugak, he he he

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

takpe E-na cari the best exercise, the one that you really enjoy :D