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Saturday, November 21, 2009

When we went into the "no entry sections" of a supermarket....

I want to wish my dearest sis Yatie Chomeyl a very happy birthday (21st November) before I continue writing up this entry. May Allah bless her and her loved ones. It's been years since the last time I managed to celebrate her birthday. I miss you my dear!

Last Wednesday, we went to the Supermarket trip with the Peachgrove playcentre kids and mums. The supermarket that we went to was "Countdown" on the Anglesea St. It was raining like cats and dogs but luckily the trip took place inside of the building. You might wonder why did we chose to bring the kids to a supermarket? Well, since our team is responsible for the BIG KIDS SESSION which takes place every Wednesday, we reckon that it was a good idea to bring them to a place where they can learn some processes.

We were greeted by the manager "Hayden". He told us to be careful and to keep our hands to ourselves. He also gave us funny white head covers.

I was the only one who didn't need to use the head cover because I already had my own head cover! (tudung ler). Hayden said that we need to cover our head because they don't want any hair falling down and contaminating the food. The first place that we went to was the bakery section. We could see how to bake cakes, muffins etc and made variety of breads. The mixer was 10 x bigger than what we have at home! There were about 3 bakers who have to go to work at 4 a.m. every morning! Imagine that! The ovens that they have were so huge and definately so hot! We could see there were heaps of supplies inside there.

The next section that we went to was the fresh produce section. It was where they store fruits and vegetables. The fresh produce manager was kind enough to cut us a pineapple and some Australian mangos and let us tasted them. The pineapple was not a ripe one but the Australian mangos were sweet and yummy. We also went into the huge freezer where they store the vegetables but we didn't stay too long as it was quite freezing. (nak ambik gambar pun tak sempat sbb dag kena keluar dari situ).

The next section was the seafood section. It was only a small section so we didn't spend so much time there. Hayden managed to show us "Tarakihi" fish and some kids made funny faces! (ada yg tak tahan bau ikan. hehehe). I somehow managed to ask my friend Cindy to snap my photo here.

We proceeded to the poultry section where they showed us a huge freezer where they stored the pre-packed meat, chicken, ham, lamb etc. There was nothing like what you normally see in a butcher because they got the pre-packed supplies so they don't need to cut any meat.When we were at the luncheon section, they gave us free salami. (Of course not for me and my kids. My friends pun dah cakap siap2 kat diaorg jgn bg kat kami ok).

The last section that we went into was the huge store room for the other household item supplies. we could see boxes of household items there. There were two workers who looked so busy with their work. According to Hayden, as Christmas is just around the corner, they are going to be busy restocking and preparing the Christmas gift baskets.

Before we went out of the supermarket, Annalise (one of the mums), gave some coins to the kids and asked them to choose a seed. The seed was about $2.99 each and the kids somehow chose variety of seeds. Then we headed to the counters and they took turn to pay for their seeds. Well, some of the kids didn't have enough money to pay so the mums had to top up the coins. We had planned to plant the seeds next Wednesday during the session. (tak sempat nak ambik gambar budak2 bayar seeds kat counter. cuma ada gambar Tini & Fizah pegang Spinach and Leek seeds). We also spent some time outside of the building to have our morning tea at 11.30. It was still raining and we were starving after the end of the trip.


Jiji said...

kalau kat malaysia ada mcm ni kan best....

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

boleh je buat kat msia kalau childcare buat trip ajak parents ikut. I reckon, kalau parents really involve in their child's learning, their child will be so happy.

yatie chomeyl said...

thanks 4 the wishes :)