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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Nice Blogger Award from other bloggers


I want to apologize to Nadiah and other blogger friends who gave me this award before. It's only now that I can put up the award. So, thanks a lot for the award and your recognition. walaupun rasanya blog sy ni taklah lawa sgt. heading pun mcm tak lengkap. huhu

Here are the questions that I need to answer in order to receive the award:

1. What's on your mind now?
    Lots of things and some are too personal to be shared.

2. What's your nick name?
    For this blog, before this I used 'A temporary housewife'. I changed the name recently to 'A transformed  housewife' as there are a lot changes in my life as well as my status.

3. 3 people you loved the most are................
    My darling hubby, Fathini and Hafzah.

4. What do you call our other half?
    Ayang (it  means 'darling') ni pun sbb hubby tak suka dipanggil abg or 'abe' (bhs kelate) . hehe
5. What kind of gift do you wish to get from your hubby?
    For now, I just wish he will be able to finish his phd thesis as soon as possible and come back to Msia.

6. Which blogs you prefer to read?
    Blogs with a lot of useful tips, information and sharing some life experiences with others.

7. Tag another 15 bloggers for this award.
    This is not easy. Well, to make it fair, those who haven't receive this award are encourage to take this award.


Ummi Hanie said...

same la name anak kite kak , hafizah ... ;)

how's life back in m'sia ? hopefully it's good now n always

Anonymous said...

org kelate jugok ko? saya oghe mache...

transformed housewife said...

life's now is okay Hanie.

Fa10: ho. oghe qelate. sy asal Tumpat.