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Saturday, October 15, 2011

An epic journey to see the Big Bad Wolf.

 Dear Mr. Wolf,

 I have to tell you the journey that I had to go all the way to Serdang to see you yesterday. I was so determine to make it even though I had to use so many kinds of transportation. As your offer is very to be turned down and the discounts are so alluring for me and the other book lovers.

In the afternoon
My epic journey began after lunch hour. I left the office after I finished my work. It's good that on Friday, we normally finish teaching by 12.30. So, after a nice lunch with my colleagues and Zuhr prayer, I packed up my things and went to KLCC LRT station. From KLCC, I headed to KL Sentral since I had to take A Komuter train to Serdang station. As usual, the Komuter was train was packed with people and we had to wait about 20 minutes before the train arrived. The journey on the Komuter was not as smooth as LRT and it moved slower. By the time I arrived at Serdang station, it was almost 3 p.m. I quickly queue up for the taxi and paid RM25 to go to MAEPS. The taxi driver was a nice old man and he told that I was not the first passenger that he had to sent to MAEPS.

When I arrived in MAEPS, I was taken aback with that huge area. The taxi driver dropped me at the nearest staircase to Hall A where the exhibition was. I climbed up the stairs and followed the arrows with your picture, Mr. Wolf. Once I was inside the hall, I saw about hundreds of people busy picking up their favourite books. The price? Like what you've told us, the prices were incredibly cheap and crazy. Some parents came with their kids and they asked their kids to pick up as many books as they like. Some teenagers came with their friends in school uniform. Most women were either focusing at Romance section or Recipe section. While men were more at Science Fiction section. What about me? I wasted no time but to find Sophie Kinsella's books. I have read some of her books before but I've never owned one. I grabbed 3 titles and was thinking about another one when I realized that I must remember about my budget. I couldn't buy more than RM50 since I forgot to withdraw more money before I left the office. Maybe it was a good thing too since I had to carry the books all the way back to KJ. For the next section, I checked out at Children's section. I found some interesting books for my daughters. I took some storybooks that they might enjoy reading. Then, I can still pick one more book. I was thinking either one more novel for me or a book for my hubby. At the end, I settled with a book for my hubby from Michael Connelly's bestseller author.

On the way back home

At 4.05 p.m. I went out from the hall and the sky looked dark. It was about to rain and I didn't know how to get a taxi especially in MAEPS area. I saw one Chinese lady and her daughter were walking and I asked them if they knew how to get a taxi. They told me that they already asked one of the guards to call a taxi. I didn't think twice before I asked them if I could tag along since I was also heading to Serdang Komuter station. They agreed to split the fare. Before the taxi arrived, the rain poured down and we had to find a shelter. We ran through in the rain five minutes later when the taxi arrived. Luckily on the way to the station, there was no rain. At the station, there was not even a single drop of rain. I had to pay only RM7 compared to RM25 on my way to MAEPS. By 5, the first komuter arrived but I couldn't go in since it was too packed and crowded. I managed to squeeze in the second komuter and 5.20, I was in KL Sentral again. I knew I had to rush to pick up my daughters so I ran to get the LRT back to Tmn Bahagia. Once I was in Tmn Bahagia, I couldn't get a taxi because it was during the rush mad hour. There were so many people queuing up to take a taxi. What did I do then? I decided to walk home with the books! I walked slowly but steadily to reach the nursery to pick up my daughters. I apologized to my daughters for picking up them late. They didn't mind so much especially after I told them that I bought some books for them.

The catch of the day? Here are they:

Opps. This is only the plastic bag. hehe

Here are the books:

Thanks Mr. Wolf for your generosity. Please don't forget to hold another book sale next year. I'm sure the minions like me would mind to go to your book sale every year as we yearn for cheap and good quality books. 


kakyong said...

nama kedai buku rupanya...:)

byk juga kos yg terlibat tp berbaloi dgn buku2 yg dibeli... kakyong teringin juga nak baca buku Sophie Kinsella tu... terpengaruh dgn Yatie ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

dekkinyo tengok....kalu tie di msia nk beli jugop hehe, tie kirim ko deja mitok tulong beli