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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Petrosains KLCC needs to be updated?


   I've promised in yesterday's entry to tell and share my opinion about Petrosains KLCC. It's better to tell a little bit of what we've seen, explored, read and experienced before I explain more.

It has been promoted like this:
Petrosains Kuala Lumpur is located in the heart of bustling Kuala Lumpur and housed within Suria KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers. This is a perfect place for you to experience the wonders of science and technology.
It is the only interactive science discovery centre and a highly advanced technological museum, that presents petroleum science and technology in a fun, story-telling way. It intelligently embraces all aspects of science — the beginning, current and the future.

While you are there, don’t miss out the scientific journey, where you proceed your exploration in stages. Start your journey from The Lobby to the Dark Ride In, followed by an educationally entertaining ride through the passages of Energy, Petrojaya, Geotime Diorama, Science Station 1, Exploration, Galleria, Helicopter Simulator, Oil Platform, Downstream, Molecule Nanoworld, Metre City, Science Station 3, Teater Ungku Omar, Dark Ride Out and Xplorasi.

  We were happy exploring the place but I was just frustrated to see the videos that they used to explain some processes. All videos look like they were made in 90's based on the clothes used by the person in the videos.  Another thing, when we choose to view the videos in English, the pronunciation is quite bad. I don't think foreigners would be able to understand the content of the videos. They also have to update and maintain some equipments because some were out of order and couldn't be used.

We really enjoyed the Dark Ride In, The Oil Platform and also the little showcase of Mathematics by the volunteers. In the Dark Ride In, the simulations were good but again most of the photos are already old. Maybe if they change some of the photos to show the latest development of Petronas, it would be much better. While in The Oil Platform, I love to see the gadgets, machines and also their rooms, kitchen and sick room. My daughters were afraid to see one dummy sleeping in the bedroom. The little showcase was interesting when the presenter tested on our general Math knowledge. We were also asked to participate and answer some questions. I even volunteered for one tactical game where I had to guess what's my opponent's next move.

All right, I guess you might be bored reading all of these right? Now, let's see some of the photos taken in Petrosains KLCC:


CatlinaFly said...

budok2 meme suko gi sini dih kak nur..;)...hehehe petro sains tok dey buat video baru kot

Affieza said...

Betul tu...mmg dh patut tukar pn yg lama2 tu

yatie chomeyl said...

send this entry as an e-mail to them. who knows they might be interested to upgrade it.

 Nasha said...

Salam, would 5 and 2 year old kids enjoy Petrosains? I thought of bringing my lil' one pi sana this year.

transformed housewife said...

Lina- tok dey ko malah doh nok tukar. huhu

Affieza- hari2 ramai yg pergi situ. Tukarla sikitkan.

Tie- I think I might do it.

Nazha- Kids will still enjoy to go to Petrosains. Just the adullts (like me. hehe) might be a little bit fussy.

puanbee said...

percaya tk saya tk sampai ke sana lagi hehe

Aleyn said...

Hmmm...I haven't gone there too...but did go to Pusat Sains Malaysia.....same concept i guess