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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Purplish Wedding. (nice theme)


     Yesterday we went to Tg Kling, Melaka to attend a wedding of a friend we knew when we were in Hamilton, NZ. She is still pursuing her phd in Waikato University. Right now she's taking a break (for a while) before she resumes her study.

    We attended the Wedding Reception which started from 11 a.m. We took off from our house at 10.40 and arrived at 1.40 p.m. It was not that easy to find the venue of the wedding since we solely depended on GOOGLE MAP. I was as usual the navigator and my navigation skill was not that excellent since we had to stop and asked a 'Pisang Goreng makcik' the right way. (hehe) They also didn't provide any clues before we reached the venue. The only clue was the "Bunga Maggar" at the roadside near her house!

    When we arrived the married couple was about to have their "Makan Beradap". So, we went to snap some photos and then we also went to the other side to have lunch. The food was nice and the wedding reception itself was simple. They invited only their family members, relatives and close friends. We met other Waikato friends there too. It was good to meet again after more than a year since we left NZ. Thus, it was a mini reunion too. And while we were having "Nasi Minyak", there was and entertainer belting out some Dangdut's songs. He and Mr. Dee Jay for the day, also invited participation from the crowd to sing or make a dedication to the couple or the host (Adnan's family)

     I have some photos taken at the venue that I ca share here. We wish the couple; Azila and Tuan Borhanedi will have a blessed marriage life and soon will have some cute children as well.


Hamizah said...

mesti meriah bila lama xjumpa kwn2..

Affieza said...

Untunglah majlis kahwin blh menemukan kmbali kwn2 yg dh lama xjumpa...tentu seronok..hehe