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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The fridge has a fever.


Here is an amusing conversation I had with my younger daughter. She is 4 and now she has a lot of ideas and very curious about the things around her.

One day, she had a fever. When I was giving her the Paracetamol syrup, she accidentally touched at the side of the fridge in the kitchen. So she said, "Mama, I think the fridge is also having a fever like me". I was baffled by her statement. I said her, "How do you know?". She asked me to put my hand at the side of the fridge and feel it. Then only I realized and understood why she said that. She continued, "Mama, give this (paracetamol syrup) to the fridge too". She was smiling when she said that because she knew that she was only joking. I explained to her why the fridge is hot but she didn't really pay attention to my explanation because she actually knew that the "fridge doesn't really have a fever'. 



.m.u.n.i.r.a. said...

sooo clever!
suka laa budak bijak camni :)

Nadiah Sidek said...


Affieza said...

Haha...sel2 otak sedang bkembang

yatie chomeyl said...

sie ko fridge demam...ko fizah sajo wat alase xsey make ubat, sbb tu suruh suap ko peti tu? hik3x

isabelle said...

cheeky nih. saja nak nyakat

kakyong said...

heheh.. sama lah dgn Anis & ALiya.. siap nak lapkan petiais nak bg kurang panas... hihiiii...

transformed housewife said...

Munira: bijak juga mengenakan mama dia. huhu

Nadiah: benda yg kita tak terfikir dia boleh terfikir.

Fieza: mmg berkembang pesat.

Tie: Fizah sene make ubat. sajo jah hr tu dio nok wat naka.

isabelle: cheeky mcm ur son Adam. hehe

kyong: ooo Anis & Aliya pun terfikir benda yg sama ye. hehe