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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to convince an atheist?


I need some help with my dilemma in convincing a friend of mine (a kiwi friend that I knew back in Hamilton, NZ). She is an atheist and a few days ago, I posted something on my status in FB. I find it very hard to convince her about Islam. Well, I don't really want to force her to change her believe but just trying my luck in at least give her something to think about. I'm not so good in influencing people when it comes to this as I need to learn a lot more. I just don't want to mislead her and also give her the wrong perception towards Islam. So, please read the post and all the comments and share your thoughts about this:

A NON-MUSLIM teacher asked a MUSLIM student


Teacher : Can you see ALLAH?

... Student : No.
Teacher : Can you touch ALLAH?
Student : No
Teacher : Then there isn't ALLAH!


Student : Sir, can you see your brain?
Teacher : No.
Student : Can you touch your brain?
Teacher : No.
Student : Oh okay, so you don't have a brain?

Put this as your status if you Love & Believe in Allah. Put this on your Wall if you're not embarrassed to tell others that you believe in Allah
· · Monday at 20:26

    • She said: I'd say you can "see" your brain (with a scan or EEG), and you can touch it if your skull is open or a sample is taken. Besides, it would seem reasonable (to me) to infer that, when we know every functioning person investigated has had a brain, it is highly likely any given functioning person also has a brain. Whereas I have not had sufficient evidence to believe in a god. Maybe one day.

    • Me: Maybe one day you can see what I can see when it comes to believe in god. I'll pray for you.
      15 hours ago · · 1

    •  She said: Thank you, you're very kind! Save the prayers for someone who is truly in need though - I think I'm a lost cause :)


Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Kak, husband saya dulu juga atheis. Golongan ini biasanya hanya dapat diyakinkan dengan bukti saintifik.

Dialog yg akak post kt FB tu lebih molek sekiranya BRAIN digantikan dengan AIR (UDARA).

Sebab kita tahu udara itu wujud, tapi apakah kita nampak udara itu? (yg selalu kita rasa dengan kulit itu angin).....

Klu akak ingin penjelasan lebih lanjut, mungkin akak boleh try post pada FB husband saya, search Khaw Lek Ming.

Xiet_Enigma said...

SALAM sis,
I'd came across this argument few years back. But so sorry couldn't really remember how I really answer it. Tu la ilmu tak amal ni lah jadiknya.huhu...

But one thing, penggunaan brain tu memang kami pernah bahaskan sebagai kurang tepat untuk memberi analogi tentang kewujudan Allah. That's why mereka boleh come out with such argument.

But still, kalau kita terbalikkan situasi pun, when she said: any given functioning person also has a brain, it is actually the same as we can't see God but we definitely can sense the existence of God by looking at the universe and God's creatures.

The hardest group to approach is the atheist. Because they don't believe in any scriptures (if we do dakwah with christianity or any other religion, sometimes it helps us when we study a bit about their scriptures). Atheist always use logics and science, and they can't simply accept anything beyond their logic (which they may not accept that human's capability of thinking is very limited)...

But when she ended up the conversation as such, I think it's better to let her be, but you can post anything else on your wall next time :)

Sorry sis, inshaAllah next time when I find better answer I'll share with you.

naniasda said...

As Salam,

She's a lost cause eh? Well...we can only pray and only Allah can gave her the hidayah and I think you should use the air (angin) example...angin mmg tak nampak kan? hehe.. Salam ziarah frm a fellow blogger (kelate jgk) :)

knv said...


i personally think the dialog between murid dan guru 'can u see your brain?' tu very very much simplified dan sebenarnya merendahkan pemikiran pembacanya. i mean, we muslims need to upgrade the dialog to a very different level already. we can't keep referring to this kind of simple dialogs in order to prove the existence of something HUGE as Allah; apatah lagi kepada atheist.

maybe u can start introduce works by Harun Yahya to your friend? he is very detailed in his subject matter and i think will get your friend at least to start thinking along that line.

semoga sampai hidayah Allah padanya.

transformed housewife said...

mixed family in the house: ok. will try to see your hubby's FB

transformed housewife said...

Xiet: thanks for your insight anyway. I have to keep finding more info from other resources as well to equip myself.

transformed housewife said...

naniasda: she's a nice friend. I just want her to see the truth if I can.

naniasda said...

Yes I know how you feel because I have non-muslims friends too and all I can do is to doa for Allah to show some positive signs to them :)

Xiet_Enigma said...

Mixed-family in the house is here! :P Oppsss sorry terjejak kasih kt sini... Bro Khaw Lek Ming is a very good person and very friendly too. He loves to discuss religious matter, especially on something like this :)