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Monday, May 28, 2012

Which magazines is worth buying?


I'm hibernating right now. the polar bears during winter, I'm in my hibernation period. hehe. Well, actually I'm waiting for the delivery time. The due date is on 20th June but I've decided to take the leave early.

Just now, I came back from the regular check-up at UMMC (PPUM). While I was waiting for my turn, I bought a magazine (in BM) to fill up my time by reading. I finished reading in less than 1/2 hour! After a quick flicking through the pages, it was such a waste of money because I paid RM10 for a magazine that had less than 10 articles. The rest of the pages only contain advertisements! In short, I didn't gain any new information nor learn anything new!

To tell you the truth, it was not the first time I discovered that I wasted some money buying a magazine. I don't really subscribe any magazine or an avid reader of any magazine. I just buy some magazines once in a while especially when I feel like reading one. Most of the time, the content of the magazines are only 1/3 and the other 2/3 contain pages of advertisements. This is not just for magazines in English but also magazines in BM as well.

So, I would like to ask other people's opinion today, which magazines would you suggest worth buying now? Which magazines really can give us lots of information and valuable tips?


yatie chomeyl said...

baco blog jah lo ni. dop pong e-magazine jah..krenat pitih jah beli hehe

juanita said...

jelita/keluarga & nona...

Syigim said...

kak nur, i hardly buy mags these days. just surf the net n all the many motherhood, health or current news sites. but i do love reading well-equipped mags with good articles. kt dubai ni evry fri the newspaper comes with a nice glossy mag n that's good enuff for me :)

my youngest sis tgh prepare for her wedding this dec pulak asyik beli wedding mag which i think is also worth buying sbb tebal n has all d latest trend n info :) depends on wht ur lookin for in a mag kan

transformed housewife said...

Tie: sajo jah beli maso tgh tunggu turn nok jupo doktor.

transformed housewife said...

Syigim: I'm looking for more valuable info. Not so many magazines have it.

transformed housewife said...

juanita: sy rasa ketiga2 majalah tu skrg terlalu byk iklan.